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Have an Animated Halloween - Cartoon Halloween Costumes: Part 2 - Warner Brothers

Cartoon Halloween Costumes: Part 2 - Warner Brothers
(For Part 1 featuring Disney, Click HERE)

Are there any cartoons as well known as characters from Disney?  Possibly characters from Warner Brothers!  And there are a lot of Warner Bros. licensed cartoon costume patterns out there.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Who's the most famous Warner Brothers character?  Bugs Bunny, of course!

McCall's 2744

Here's a cute Bugs Bunny costume available from Vogue Vixens (Child Size) and Find Crafty Patterns (Adult Size.)

With as popular as Bugs Bunny has been over the years, surprisingly I couldn't find any costume patterns dating back further than the 1970s.  Maybe WB wasn't as liberal as Disney about licensing their characters... or maybe Bugs and his friends are too difficult for a home seamstress?

Butterick 6348

Via the Vintage Pattern Wiki comes this 1970s Bugs Bunny costume.  It seems Butterick has kept the Looney Tunes / WB license consistently over the years.

Butterick 5044

Apologies for the picture quality... apparently this pattern of Bugs and Lola(?) bunny is a little hard to find.   The image is from an unknown source.

Okay, that's all the Bugs Bunny costumes I could find... let's check out some other characters!

Find Crafty Patterns also has these two Sylvester and Tweety Bird costumes in stock, Butterick 5043 (Kids) and McCall's 2745 (Adult.)

Also available at Lonestar Blondie and Rose's Pattern Treasury.

Via the Vintage Pattern Wiki are two more Tweety (Butterick 6350) and Sylvester (Butterick 6349) costume patterns.. I think the sneakers and human hands are a little weird, personally.

McCall's 2746

McCall's 2746 is this pretty bizarre-looking Porky & Petunia Pig pattern, available at Pattern Matters.

McCall's 2747

Pitter Pattern Place has this Daffy Duck or Roadrunner costume in stock.  At least they added feet.

And surprisingly... that's all I could find!
I was really surprised, actually.. that there aren't more licensed WB cartoon costumes out there.

I would think some other characters like Marvin Martian, Tasmanian Devil and Pepe Le Pew... as well as characters like Elmer Fudd, or characters from Tiny Toon Adventures would make really good costume patterns... but I couldn't find any more.

Do you know of any I missed?  Which one is your favorite?

Please let me know!  Stay tuned for more Cartoon Costume Features.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Free Pattern Friday - Bridal Garter

Here's a little pattern for a simple bridal garter!  Of course, you can use it for any frilly reason. :)

Maybe you can even alter it into a headband or something similar.  It's very EASY but still very pretty.

Note:  This pattern is from an unknown age/source and is assumed to be free to distribute.  If you would like it taken down, please simply contact us.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Have an Animated Halloween - Cartoon Halloween Costumes: Part 1 - Disney

Part 1 - DISNEY

For almost as long as there's been sewing patterns AND cartoons, there's been licensed cartoon Halloween costume sewing patterns.  I thought I'd showcase some of the cute and fun cartoon Halloween costumes you can make... Halloween will be here before you know it!

This topic has SO many patterns, I decided to break it up into parts.  Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna-Barbera, Etc... they all have their own licensed costumes!

Probably when most people think of "cartoon," they easily think of "Disney."  For decades, Disney hasn't been shy about licensing their characters for sewing patterns.  There are imitation and copy-cat costumes out there, of course, but I wanted to focus on officially licensed patterns.

(Oh yeah, you can see some early Disney-licensed Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter and March Hare costumes at this previous blog entry!)

Let's get started, there's a lot to cover!

How about some Classic Disney?

1.)  Donald Duck in Simplicity 7731; Find Crafty Patterns
2.)  Mickey Mouse in Simplicity 9386; Vienna's Grace
3.)  Daisy Duck in Simplicity 7734; Find Crafty Patterns

How about some more Classic Disney?

1.)  Captain Hook in Simplicity 7791; Lonestar Blondie
2.)  Pinnochio & Geppetto in Simplicity 8334; Vogue Vixens
3.)  Peter Pan & Tinkerbell in Simplicity 7784; Vogue Vixens

Yes, still more Classic Disney.

1.)  Minnie Mouse in Simplicity 7730; Vogue Vixens
2.)  Snow White in Simplicity 7735; Lonestar Blondie
3.)  Mickey Mouse in Simplicity 7729; Laguna Lane

Did somebody say "princess?!"

Who's the fairest of them all?

Princess patterns are in no shortage in the pattern world!

1.)  Merida from Brave in Simplicity 1557; People Packages
2.)  Rapunzel from Tangled in Simplicity 2065; Grandma Made With Love
3.)  Elsa & Anna from Frozen in Simplicity 0733; Wit's End Design
4.)  Snow White & Cinderella in Simplicity 2813; Grey Dog Vintage

This is so cute! ^__^

Not a costume, but how about this amazing vintage Cinderella apron from Penny's and Disney, available at Keepsakes Studio?  Wow!  Really rare and awesome.  I haven't been able to find an actual vintage Cinderella Disney-licensed costume, but perhaps one existed?  Let me know if you know of one!

So much fun!

1.)  Toddler Disney Princesses in 4949; Pattern Matters
2.)  Woody & Jessie in Simplicity 9433; MbChills
3.)  Jasmine & Ariel in Simplicity 9919; She Finds Vintage

Those dwarf costumes are amazing!

All from mbchills comes
1.)  Grumpy & Dopey in Simplicity 7736
2.)  Ariel, Snow White & Cinderella in Simplicity 5832
3.)  Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell in Simplicity 9844

This is amazing and rare!

Via the Vintage Pattern Wiki is this rare licensed Snow White costume, McCall 558; circa 1930s!  Disney has never been shy at licensing to every possible market. :)  This one is really a stunner, probably one of the first if not the first Disney-licensed pattern.

I love the fairy costumes! :3

Hard to find pattern Simplicity 8328 via the Vintage Pattern Wiki comes this Sleeping Beauty costume.. featuring Princess Aurora and cutely, the three fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

The graphic is beautiful!

Advance 709 in the Vintage Pattern Wiki is this very rare and really beautiful Peter Pan costume!  I couldn't find any other Disney-licensed Advance patterns.  Please tell me if you know of any. :)  I think it is unusual that while most Disney patterns are now licensed under the Simplicity brand, the earliest Disney costumes were licensed to McCall's.. and this one to Advance!

Picture via Vintage Pattern Wiki.

You can bet everyone wants this rare Maleficent costume pattern, Simplicity 8329!  RARE!  Expensive if you find one.

Oh wow!
Found on The Walt Disney Company blog via Pinterest, this amazing 1930s Mickey and Minnie costume from McCall (#142) is out of control!  I have never seen one for sale.  This is REALLY RARE and I was so excited to see it.

I'm sure this is only a SMALL SAMPLING of the licensed Disney costumes that have been offered for sale over the years.

Disney has licensed patterns for embroidery transfers, 18" doll-sized costumes, 11.5" doll-sized costumes, even Disney princess costumes for your DOG.

If you know of any other pre-1980s Disney costume patterns that I have missed, please fill me in!  I really enjoy archiving this information the best that I can.

Look for more cartoon sewing pattern features in the future!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back To School With The Pattern Patter Team

It's those words that every kid hates!  "Back to School!"  School starts this week where I live!  So unfair!  I'm glad I'm not a kid. :)  Maybe you can make it a little less painful for your tykes with some fun back to school patterns from the Pattern Patter Team?

 The Granny Squared
Vogue 1959
This cute busy book pattern from The Granny Squared will teach some valuable skills!  The fun pictures and colorful animals as well as the interactive pages are great for a youngster.

Simplicity 9473
How about these cute separates and a fun backpack from team member Neverwares?

McCall's M5824

 Here are some really lovely laptop cases and accessories from Cloe's Closet.  Why not make your own?  (Also available at Bluetree Sewing Studio!)

Simplicity 4391

More laptop and electronics bags from Pengy Patterns.

Vogue 1557

Also from Cloe's Closet, these adorable school-themed room decor items!  

McCall's 7524

Also for the younger set, this great alphabet book from Vogue Vixens.
Simplicity 3889

Keepsake Studio has this lovely and handy pattern with 5 laptop bags and sleeves in one pattern!

Simplicity 4391

More lovely messenger bags, laptop bags, and electronics cases from Vintage Needle Finds.

McCall's 2933

These cross-body backpacks from Fragolina are pretty nifty!  I never wanted a "normal" backpack when I was in school.  A creative teen can make their own and not have some drab store-bought bag. :)

McCall's 4727
This girls' accessories pattern from Grey Dog Vintage has some nice options for back to school, including purse, backpack, and cute ponchos for a chilly classroom. :)

And of course, no back-to-school entry would be complete without some SCHOOL CLOTHES!

How about some of these cute patterns for those school days?

Burda 5608
Find Crafty Patterns has this cool kids' jacket with a handy pocket in the back.

McCall's 3423

A tot can keep neat at craft time, and keep those art supplies close at hand with these fun aprons from The Granny Squared.

Simplicity 4897

Super-cool boho looks for tweens and teens with this pattern from Lady Diamond 86.

Simplcity 7933
These jumpers would be fun for any school girl.. from Bluetree Sewing Studio.

McCall's 9266

These easy basic pants, shirts, and hats are great for any kid's Back to School wardrobe, from Redcurlz's Patterns

McCall's 6122

These adorable looks from Pattern Memories are perfect for School Portrait Day!

Advance 9953
Speaking of School Portrait Day, how about these amazing vintage blazers for your fashion plate son?  From Vienna's Grace.

Butterick 6364

Mix-and-Match made easy with these versatile jumpers, dresses, and blouses from Wit's End Design.

Vogue 2758

Clutterina suggests this cute schoolgirl suit featuring boxy jacket and pleated skirt.

Simplicity 9174

Easy teen boys' looks from Lonestar Blondie.

McCall's 2744

Roma's Maison has these adorable dresses and school outfits with novelty pockets!

Simplicity 8946

People Packages has these great sweatsuits.  I wore these all the time when I was a kid.

Well, that's all for now!

What are your favorite back to school memories?  What did you wear on the first day of school?  :)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dressing the Stars

Costume designer Edith Head (1897-1981) secured her legacy as Hollywood's best-known costume designer when she received the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science nomination for best Costume Design for the movie Airport '77.  Head worked on more than 1,100 films, received 35 Oscar nominations, and took home eight awards.

In 1923, she was hired by Paramount Studios as a sketch designer, some say using another's sketches. By1938, Head had become that studio's chief costume designer, a position she held until 1967, when she moved to Universal Pictures.

Her first Oscar nomination came in 1949, for the 1948 film The Emperor Waltz, starring Joan Fontaine and Bing Crosby.  Head's first Oscar win came in 1950 for her work in The Heiress, starring Olivia de Haviland.


Her trademark "sunglasses" were in fact not sunglasses, but blue lensed glasses.  Using such a lens was common practice during the days of black and white movies. This gave the costumer a sense of what the color would look like on-screen. Head took this one step further and had glasses made to save herself straining to see through just a single lens.

Her career was not without controversy.  For the film Sabrina (1955 winner), Givenchy designed many of the clothes worn by Audrey Hepburn, but was uncredited.  At that time, Givenchy worked for Edith Head. When the Oscar-winning costume designer was announced, Edith Head accepted the statue without mentioning Givenchy's work.  Hepburn was appalled by the snub to her friend, and vowed she would not allow that to happen again. In 1961, Givenchy designed a Little Black Dress for the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's. His original version showed most of Hepburn's leg, and the studio vetoed the dress.  Edith Head, still head designer, reworked the skirt and filled it with horsehair and lead weights to make it fall the way she wanted.  In this case, however, Givenchy was credited with the design and Head as "costume supervisor."

pictures via

In addition to The Heiress, Edith Head won Academy Awards for the following films:
All About Eve 

Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, George Sanders
photo via

Samson and Delilah 

Hedy Lamar

A Place in the Sun

Elizabeth Taylor

Roman Holiday
photo by Paramount Pictures

picture via


(some sources say this dress is a Givenchy design)

The Facts of Life

sketch for Lucille Ball,
The Facts of Life

The Sting


 Many classic films list as Edith Head as Costume Designer:  Rear Window, Vertigo, The Birds, To Catch a Thief,  Sweet Charity, Notorious, Rooster CogburnButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and White Christmas.  She is credited as the designer who put Dorothy Lamour in a sarong.

Below are a few of Head's costumes from the above mentioned films.



 Dorothy Lamour in The Hurricane, 1937
Silver Screen Collection

Grace Kelly - To Catch a Thief

 Katherine Hepburn in Rooster Cogburn

Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in Notorious
photo from Archive Photos/Getty Images 

Kim Novak in Vertigo

Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen in White Christmas


 Tippi Hedren in the The Birds

Shirley McClaine in Sweet Charity

Grace Kelly in Rear Window

Upon winning her last Oscar for The Sting, her acceptance speech was brief: "Just imagine dressing the two handsomest men in the world and getting this.  I simply couldn't be more happy or more grateful."

Once asked who was her personal favorite actress to dress, she replied, "Grace Kelly.  She is a charming lady, a most gifted actress, and, to me, a valued friend."

Despite all her accolades and Oscars, the project of which she was most proud occurred in the late 1970s, when she designed a woman's uniform for the U. S. Coast Guard. The growing number of women in the military resulted in a need for suitable uniforms.  For this, Head received the Meritorious Public Service Award.

picture from

Here are some lovely patterns designed by Edith Head offered by members of the Pattern Patter Team on

Advance 8048 from  SelvedgeShop
Advance 8049 from FloradoraPresents
Advance 9296 from ErikawithaK
Prominent Designer A895 SoVintageOnEtsy

Vogue 1560 from allthepreciousthings
Vogue2040 from GreyDogVintage
Vogue 2041 from mbchills
Vogue 2220 from CloesCloset

by kinseysue on etsy