Monday, September 28, 2015

Focus On: Vogue Special Design: The 1940s

Vogue's "Special Design" line was introduced in the 1930s.  These patterns were supposed to be a bit more complicated than your average sewing pattern.  They often featured unusual fashion-forward details from the very hottest new trends of the time.  Special Design patterns included a classy sew-in label to make your couture work of art your very own!  "Homemade" didn't have to mean thrifty or average with a Vogue pattern.

These patterns are phenomenally popular with collectors and stitchers worldwide, and I thought I might share some of the lovely Special Design patterns available now from the Pattern Patter Team.

There are so many of them out there... how about we simply focus on the 1940s today? :)  No particular reason, I just like them!

Vogue S-4648

From Sue's Upcycled N Vintage comes Vogue S-4648, currently on sale!  Check out those interesting seams, neckline, and bows!  Also note the somewhat hefty price of $1.00 in 1948 dollars, quite a bit when a regular pattern cost around 35 cents!  This added expense is part of what makes these patterns so rare and collectible today.

Vogue S-4977

From Redcurlz's Patterns is another 1940s pattern, Vogue S-4977.  Curiously, it features similar side bow interest.  Who wouldn't look dramatic in this dress?

Vogue S-4671
More pretty bows!  This pattern from Fragolina has a beautiful neckline and a peplum.. very classy! The back is also very pretty, don't you think?

Vogue S-4454

Asymmetry is a key style point in all of these patterns.  The side-bows in the previous patterns, and the gathers that alternate sides in this amazing number from Selvedge Shop.  I love how the gathers are on the left on the top and on the right on the bottom.  Isn't that unique?  Where else are you going to find anything like that? 

Vogue S-4865
She'll Make You Flip has this great pattern in stock which features a really unusual pocket design.  Super cute for any time of the year... I'm thinking you would look great on a piazza in Italy wearing this one. :)

Vogue S-4841

Drop-dead gorgeous style in this peplum'd glamouriffic dress from Floradora Presents.  

Vogue S-4855

Another pretty peplum is featured in Vogue S-4855, available at Bluetree Sewing Studio.

Vogue S-4531
How about a classy cocktail dress with a jacket?  The contrasting bow and trim on the sleeves is really cute... I bet you could find some shoes with contrast trim, too!  Available at So Vintage On Etsy.

Vogue S-4911

Moving into evening gowns, how about this beautiful gown with deep Vs in both the front and back.. and fullness added into the back as well?  From Sew As It Was Patterns.

Vogue S-4333
I'm totally in love with this unusual evening gown!  The basque bodice, side fullness and back interest are really curious!  One-of-a-kind!  From What Not Gems.

Vogue S-4532
From Fragolina, comes this amazing and RARE wedding gown pattern.  Lots of options for the bride to be... she can have just the dreamy look she wants.

Speaking of weddings, here is another amazing gown from Sew As It Was Patterns.  It features a drop waist and very unusual tiered skirt.


That's about all for this time!   Which one do you like best?

I'll be back soon with a look at some other eras of Special Design patterns.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Free Pattern Friday - Butterick Doll Furniture from 1886

Butterick 1886 Doll Furniture

Something a little different today for Free Pattern Friday!  I found these patterns for doll furniture in an 1886 issue of Butterick's Delineator magazine.  It's not really a sewing pattern, but I thought some of you out there might enjoy it anyway. :)

In the PDF below, the instructions are given first, under the heading The Children's Corner.  Then the patterns follow, which you can print and cut out of sturdy foamcore, wood, or other sturdy material. Why not make some for your doll?

Please let us see if you make any of them!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Decorate for Halloween with the Pattern Patter Team!

Halloween may seem a little bit far off, but now is just the time to get started making some cute DIY Halloween decorations!  And you can find lots of super nifty Halloween patterns from the Pattern Patter Team. :)  If you like Halloween as much as I do, you'll want to get started PRONTO.

Simplicity 9921

First off, Erika with a K has this cute pumpkin-themed decorating pattern to spookify your porch or entryway.

McCall's 2329

Some silly witches and ghosties you can make in this cute pattern from Lonestar Blondie.

McCall's 9503

These cute pumpkin guys and scarecrow will welcome trick or treaters! Courtesy of Cloe's Closet.

McCall's 4616

These adorable ghosts, cats and pumpkins are more cute than spooky!  On sale now at Rose's Pattern Treasury,
McCall's 4190
Make a Halloween celebration nobody will every forget with these oh so cute and very retro-looking party decorations from Purple Plaid Penguin.

Tons of cute decorations here!  You can get the pattern and make 'em.  Check it out at Jeanie's Shop or Vogue Vixens.

McCall's 8949

Adorable treat bags (and easy!) plus cute little decorations are great for your party.  Get the party started at Purple Plaid Penguin.

These Sew Scary dolls and decorations aren't really so scary!  You can make them up with this pattern from Fragolina.

Butterick 4884

These cute treat bags are great for kids!  Fun and easy.  Patterns Plus Notions has it!

Butterick 5877

This fun vintage pattern from Laguna Lane includes not only a treat bag and door decoration but also pumpkin windsock, welcome flag, and more!

Simplicity 7039

Cute treat bags for Halloween and other holidays in this pattern from Vogue Vixens.

Cotton Way 269

Greet guests in a truly impressive fashion with this amazing sculptural witch doll and her toad! Make it yours at Cloe's Closet.

Country Handcrafts Fall 1985

Also from Cloe's Closet, this little witchy featured in a vintage craft magazine will bring good luck to your kitchen. 

Leisure Arts 83008

Do you like cross stitch?  You can use these fun Halloween designs to prettify all kinds of items. :)  At Magnolia Sewing Basket.

Simplicity 9443

Cute pumpkin porch-sitter and other holiday themed dolls from Clutterina's Shop will be welcome!

Simplicity 8394

Cute holiday placemats (including Halloween) in this vintage pattern from Vintage Needle Finds will surely brighten up any table and add life to any party. 

Simplicity 7002

Cute witchy basket cover to hide some sweet treats!  Stitching By Numbers.

Simplicity 8771

Flags for several holidays in this pattern from Wits End Design.

Simplicity 3642

Spoooooky arms and legs you can stick in creative places!  (Santa's pretty creepy too, if you ask me.)  This adorable pattern is in stock at People Packages.

McCall's 3939

All kinds of decorations to add some whimsy in this pattern from Clutterina.

McCall's 6179

Fun decorations and also a collar for Fido in this unusual pattern you can pick up at Rose's Pattern Treasury!  (On sale!)

McCall's 6220

How about a witch bunny decoration (really cute!) at Bluetree Sewing Studio?


Did this maybe inspire you to do some Halloween decorating?  Be sure to check out all the fun Halloween patterns you can get from the Pattern Patter Team!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Autumn Looks From the Pattern Patter Team

Maybe you don't want to think about it... but autumn is on the way on this half of the planet!

Here are some great looks you can get from the Pattern Patter Team right NOW to spice up your fall wardrobe.  (Everyone ready for pumpkin spice everything?)  Oh, and some great patterns for fall crafts, too!

McCall's 8329

This adorable pattern to make some soft sculpture scarecrow kids sitting on sweet patchwork pumpkins is available right now from Find Crafty Patterns.

Butterick 5012

This gorgeous suit with couture detail will keep you absolutely fashionable this autumn, available now from Sew Vintage on Etsy.

Kwik Sew 509

Ready for some football?  This adorable pattern is great for sewing, but also for the terrific graphic.  It would look neat framed in a boy's room or in your sports-watching mancave. :)  Get it now from Jersey Girl Patterns.

Butterick 6800

Why not make a special holiday table this year for Thanksgiving?  Everyone will be impressed and they will be heirloom decorations for years to come.   Try it now from Wits End Design.

McCall's 2118

A beautiful cape will make you stand out, and will never become unstylish.  Pick it up now in Grey Dog Vintage's shop.

McCall's 5947

Why not decorate the whole household with this pattern from Keepsakes Studio?  Really pretty!  Great gift idea too.

Simplicity 8022
You can make some sweet scarecrow dolls with this pattern from Clutterina.

McCall's 2945

A whole new way to decorate your pumpkin!  You can make soup with it afterwards. :)  Kids will love this!  Get it now at Wits End Design.

McCall's 2703

These fall looks are pretty timeless!  Great for school or the office.  Staples for any gal's wardrobe.  Available now at Redcurlz's Patterns!

McCall's 5492
An heirloom turkey and pumpkin for your table, you can pick it up at The Granny Squared.

McCall's 2677

More classic looks for fall from Laguna Lane.

McCall's 3780

More beautiful fall decorations from Lonestar Blondie!  Another great gift idea.. why not take one to your Thanksgiving dinner host or hostess as a present?

McCall's 2770
Another beautiful cape, perfect for your autumn wardrobe or your steampunk Halloween costume!  You can pick up your copy at Smiling Cat Vintage.

Vogue 7460
These hats will make you stand out on a dreary autumn day. :)  Vogue Vixens has it waiting for you!

Everything you need to dress up your autumn look in this amazing pattern from DRC Rose Patterns.  Make a bag, cape, scarf, vest, cape, hat!   Great gift ideas here, too.

Vogue 8672

Sassy fall jackets are good from casual to dressy... make yours today with this pattern from Cloe's Closet.

McCall's 9019

Chilly weather basics that just can't miss!  Pretty Pattern Shop has it for you. :)

McCall's 4234

Don't forget the kids!  These easy fleece outfits are great for school or a chilly football game.  Check 'em out at Pitter Pattern Place.

McCall's 9900

Trust me when I say that every vintage girl needs one of these in her wardrobe!  Make it up in a nice woven or woolen and you'll look like a million bucks.  I wore mine all last year, and you can make one too with this pattern from Frisky Scissors!


I hope I've inspired your sewing goals for autumn!  Let us know which one you like best, and be sure to let us know if you make any of the above designs. :)

Any weather is tolerable when you make it yourself!