Monday, April 25, 2016

Swimwear Sewing

I know we've done swimwear articles in the past.. but you really can't have too many!  Now's the time to make your summer swimsuit and get ready for vacation time!  It'll be here before you know it, so why not check out some of the cool patterns on offer from the Pattern Patter Team?

Vogue 6490
Everything you need for the beach with this pattern from Bluetree Sewing Studio!  A chic bikini or one-piece swimsuit, plus super groovy cover-ups are great for everyone from teens to grandmas, seriously!

Simplicity 1627
I'm mad for this adorable skirted swimsuit with little jacket.. so chic and so Hollywood.. !  And that graphic is perfection, from Roma's Maison.

Simplicity 1607

Here's a similar look from Sydcam123.  Love love LOVE it.  So flirty and pin-up perfect!

Simplicity 3273
The younger set can wear a similar look as well, in this ultra-cute little ruffled number from Clutterina.  By the way, this is actually a mother-daughter pattern, but I'm not sure about the number for the mother size.

Simplicity 9212
The skirted look goes into the 80s... with this unusual pattern.. I love the back interest as well, from Sandritocat.

Kandel Patterns for Knits No. 71
One of the cutest graphics I've ever seen on this hard-to-find pattern from Sew Betty & Dot.  And the suit is adorable, too!

Vogue 6079
Kinsey Sue has this spectacular 1940s swimsuit in stock, pretty enough to wear as a dress!

McCall's 6370
Oh!  So cute 1960s swimsuit with cover-up from Fragolina is still fashion magazine worthy.

Butterick 3161
Equally cute is this little 1970s bikini with impressive hooded cover-ups from Grandma Made With Love.  Oh, the graphic is so cute, don't you think?

Butterick 3122
Here's a similar look for girls with really sweet cover-ups, from Erika With A K.

Vogue 8053
Another hooded poncho to go with your swimsuit from Sew As It Was Patterns.

Hollywood 1581
Perfect for your Luau Party is this rare pattern from Frisky Scissors!!  Serve your guests drinks out of coconuts while sporting this ensemble.  (Also in stock @ Erika With A K.)

Vogue 9183
Oh, the beautiful graphic on this pattern is so glamorous!  I love the big hat, but of course the pattern is for the swimsuit and jacket.  I think those puffy-butt swimsuits are really cute and flattering. From DRC Rose Patterns.

Simplicity 1302
More Luau Glam from She'll Make You Flip!  The wrap skirt is removable and reveals swim shorts.

Simplicity 8795
Having a most mod beach party with these mix-and-match items from So Sew Some.

Butterick 3163
Don't forget the smallest beach combers with this too-cute-for-words little pattern from People Packages.
Butterick 3757

And finding a cute swimsuit while having a baby on board is no problem either, with this pattern from Redcurlz's.

Butterick 9287
And you can make swimwear for boys, too!  It's easy with this cute vintage pattern from MbChills.

Well, that's about all for now!

I hope you'll consider making your own stylish and vintage swimwear with these (and other) awesome patterns!  

Check out more patterns HERE!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Advance April 1943

April is already here, though so far I'm not sure it brought Spring with it!  We've still been having snow and cold, but let's pretend it's warm, and pretend it is April, 1943. :)

Here's some lovely looks from that time period, I hope you will enjoy this look back with me.

Advance 3245 / 3230

On the cover we have some looks with attractive and figure-flattering princess seaming. The flowers lend a nod to Springtime, the looks are at once professional and glamorous.

A few similar patterns from the team:
1.)  Advance 4883; Pretty Pattern Shop
2.)  Advance 3118; Happy I Found It

Advance 3188, 3204, 3184, 3180

Such pretty looks here!  Gathers at the shoulders and neckline are a popular trend.  Pockets are practical for the busy 1940s lady!

Some similar styles from the Pattern Patter Team:

1.)  Advance 4444; Grandma Made With Love
2.)  Advance 3361; Bluetree Sewing Studio
3.)  Advance 3722; Fancywork

Advance 3598, 3236, 3599

Frills, fitting, and tucks give a very feminine air to the somewhat masculine 1940s shoulder-line.

1.)  McCall 5701; She'll Make You Flip
2.)  McCall 5297; So Sew Some
3.)  Simplicity 2032; Pengy Patterns

Advance 3224, 3241, 3239, 3237, 3240, 3225, 3226, 3244

Wow!  So much going on here!  Looks for work, Mother-Daughter Fashions, dressy, and summery sundress. :)

1.)  Simplicity 3322; Fancywork
2.)  Simplicity 2069; Sydcam 123
3.)  Butterick 4569; Kinseysue

Advance 3237, 3244, 3172, 3246, 3230, 3222, 3245, 3245, 3238

Again, so many lovely looks!  Which one do you like best?  I'd wear 3245 tomorrow, really.

1.)  Advance 5052; Grandma Made With Love
2.)  Mail Order 8193; Vintage Needle Finds
3.)  Advance 3052; Sandritocat

Advance 3242, 10, 3229, 3243

Wow!  Look at these interesting patterns for swimwear, sports, nursing/canteen work and casual wear. How fascinating!

Believe it or not, Fancywork has the swimsuit, #3243 IN STOCK.

1.)  Simplicity 4326; Kinsey Sue
2.)  Butterick 3746; The Pattern Source

Advance 3232, 3231, 3228, 3233, 3227

Skirts, tops, back-to-school, and even sleepwear on this page.

1.)  McCall 7271; Clutterina
2.)  Simplicity 2210; Bluetree Sewing Studio
3.)  McCall 7307; Erika With A K Vintage
4.)  McCall 5553; Fragolina

Advance 3236, 3235, 3247, 3223

Wow!  Hats, bags, and other accessories on the back cover.. I'm sure you'll think they're oh-so-cute and glamorous too.

1.)  Simplicity 8372; So Vintage
2.)  Simplicity 4924; Roma's Maison
3.)  Simplicity 2137; Grey Dog Vintage
4.)  McCall 1506; So Vintage

Well, that's about all for now!  I hope you enjoyed this look at April, 1943!

Please leave any comments about your favorite patterns or designs. :)