Monday, November 30, 2015

DIY Toys For Good Girls & Boys

If you want to give homemade toys for Christmas, you had better hurry!  The clock is ticking!  But, it's not too late... the Pattern Patter Team is there with a huge number of toy patterns to make any kid's Christmas merry and bright.

A homemade gift is an heirloom and treasure forever... so get started sewing now!

Simplicity 8967

I'm just crazy about this life-size doll pattern.  The doll and your little girl can share clothes together!  Won't she make a fun playmate?  Available at Keepsakes Studio and Find Crafty Patterns.

McCall's 4714

This sweet bear family is so retro and cute.  Cuddly too!  And you can make them some extra clothes, if you'd like.  You can get the pattern at Cloe's Closet or Lady Diamond 46.

Simplicity 4510

Sweet soft toys from the 1950s are just as cute now as they always were!  From Fragolina.

Lonestar Blondie has this amazing and adorable plastic canvas toy shop pattern in stock, along with several other plastic canvas toy patterns.  I love how creative these are!

Pattern Shoppe #118
This burger is technically hot mats and pot holders.. but.. why not leave off the hanging loops and make it a fun toy food playset for your budding chef or grillmaster?  From Clutterina.

Butterick 4973

Creative boys and girls of all ages will adore these hand puppet bugs.. where your fingers are the legs!  From MbChills.

McCall's 7524

This adorable soft alphabet book will definitely be an heirloom.  Beautiful and useful, what a treasure!  From Knightcloth and Vogue Vixens.

Simplicity 1341

These sweet ballerina dolls are perfect for your tiny dancer.  From People Packages.  

Simplicity 8365

A theatrically-minded child will love telling stories and making up voices to go with these adorable DIY hand puppets from Denisecraft.

Simplicity 6353

Make a whole barnyard for your little McDonald with this adorable pattern from  Fragolina or Knightcloth

Butterick 4026

Speaking of barnyards, how about this adorable pattern from Vogue Vixens?  This would be a great quiet toy for travel, road trips, grandma's house, etc.

Butterick 3791

Also good for road trips is this sweet dolly and her many outfits.. and her own carrying case with a bed to tuck her in goodnight!  Find Crafty Patterns has it in stock!

McCall's 4208
Also from Find Crafty Patterns are these bears and bunnies in their very own house carrying case.  Great for Grandma's!

Simplicity 9130
These funny sports-themed pillows are perfect for your little slugger.. featuring baseball, tennis, ping-pong, and football.  Way cute!  From Pitter Pattern Place.  

McCall's 1659

Frisky Scissors has this amazing and rare puppet theatre pattern in stock.

This packup doll house from Lonestar Blondie is really cute.

Vogue 2886

Another life-size doll that can share clothes with your little girl... way cute and hard to find.  From Sew Betty and Dot.  

Butterick 4602

And this life-size doll can really dance with you!  Perfect for your budding ballerina.  From Laguna Lane or Cloe's Closet.

Vogue 9688

Cloe's Closet also has this incredible heirloom doll, which comes not only with doll and her outfits, but an amazing trunk to keep her safe for years to come.

Simplicity 0747
Disney's Frozen seems to be every little girl's favorite movie right now, and you can make authentic licensed Disney costumes for your favorite 18" doll with this pattern from Jersey Girl Patterns.  

Vogue 1772

Or, you can outfit a dollhouse that dreams are made of with this pattern from Sydcam 123  or Clutterina.

Simplicity 6063
The child who likes to read may appreciate this whimsical Pippi Longstocking doll with her several outfits from Alls Fairy Vintage.

Simplicity 1514
Or how about these fun animal-themed hoods for both kid and doll.. sure to bring out the wild side of a child's imagination?  Via People Packages.

McCall's 8132

Your future Broadway star is sure to adore this Annie doll with multiple outfits.  Make it for her Tomorrow with this pattern from Blue Tree Sewing Studio.

Simplicity 2240
Speaking of famous heroines.. you can fall down the rabbit hole with this amazing soft Alice in Wonderland doll pattern from Rose Corners

Simplicity 9137
A perfect learning tool for both boys and girls are these "Dress-Me" dolls from Cloe's Corner.  We used to call them "Dressy Bessy" when I was a kid... you can learn to snap, button, count, use a pocket, tie a shoe, use a zipper, etc.  Very fun!

McCall's 6671
Lastly, I really could not resist the insane adorableness of this puppet-and-theatre pattern from Lady Diamond 46.  Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?  

Of course, this small sampling is hardly scratching the surface of the wonderful toys you can make as gifts with patterns from the Pattern Patter Team.  I hope you'll take a few moments to check out all the many offerings from our great shops!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Free Pattern Friday - Merry Christmas Snowmen Holiday Table Cloth

Free Pattern Friday - Snowman Merry Christmas Table Cloth

For today's Free Pattern Friday we have a sweet Snowman "Merry Christmas" pattern to make a festive table cloth for your holiday dinner!  This would make a great gift...

Note:  This pattern is assumed copyright free.  If you would like it to be removed, simply contact us to take it down.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday Aprons

When doing holiday baking, no proper vintage guy or gal can be without a festive holiday apron!

Thankfully, there's about a jillion options out there for your sewing pleasure.. and they make a great gift for your host or hostess, too!

Let's see what we can find.

Mail Order P186

Vintage Needle Finds has this absolutely adorable mail order pattern in stock, isn't it darling with the cute appliques?  Oh my gosh, I want one of each!

Simplicity 4180
Sandritocat has this cute apron in stock.. it only takes one yard of fabric, and you can make matching tea towels, or aprons for other seasons, too.  Little Christmas trees on gingham check is too cute!

Alice Brooks 803 (also Mail Order 522)
Here's a really somewhat bizarre Santa Head apron, as seen on The Vintage Pattern Wiki.  Selvedge Shop has a very similar pattern in stock (Design 7100).

McCall's 1982
This beautiful apron from Rose Corners features elegant reindeer and snowflakes prancing across it.

Butterick 3306

Purple Plaid Penguin has this adorable apron pattern in stock which includes tons of other holidays, too!  Be prepared for every season. :)

McCall's 1713

Redcurlz's  has this cute one in stock, with holiday decoration on the pockets.  Or are they hula girls and cherries? I really can't tell, but it looks like the other girls' on the envelope are checking it out.

Sew Betty And Dot will make sewing easy with this cut-and-sew apron fabric panel from Daisy Kingdom.  It includes a matching apron for your doll!

Simplicity 8214
This cute apron matches the table cloth, and you can make it by shopping at Retroactive Future.

Butterick 5940
Here's a surprisingly sexy pointed apron with festive bell trim.  Via Vintage Pattern Wiki.

Butterick 5092
For the gents, here's an apron with a tree.. looks like he likes it, anyway!  Picture via Vintage Pattern Wiki, in stock and available now at Hey Chica.

Simplicity 4737
You can really get into the spirit when your apron matches the table cloth!  Available from Jantiki.

DuBarry 6118
While this pattern from DuBarry isn't specifically marketed as a Christmas apron, the festive red and green colors and white snowflake-like spots certainly suggest the holiday season!  Image via Vintage Pattern Wiki.

McCall's 7062
Talk about unusual, how about these very cool Steampunk holiday aprons?!  You really can make something for almost anyone. :)  Available at The Granny Squared.

Simplicity 9649
How about some easy and cheerful aprons for you and your better half?  From Denisecraft or Pattern and Stitch.

Mail Order 1-449-T
More adorable motifs in a mail order pattern as seen on The Vintage Pattern Wiki.

Butterick 9982

This cute apron from Fancywork has great big pockets and cute stitched Christmas trees.

Color Me Mine #1213

Lonestar Blondie  has this cute mother/daughter REVERSIBLE apron in stock.. it has pockets for crayons. :) 

McCall's 8479
Here's a cute winking Santa apron from Cloe's Closet.

Simplicity 7889
Or this cute happy Santa apron from Clutterina.

Simplicity 8213
Lonestar Blondie also has this cute holiday mother/daughter apron in stock!  Also available at Hey Chica.

Simplicity 323
Anne 8665 has this adorable poinsettia-themed apron in stock.

Advance 9564
These holly trimmed and angel aprons are TOO CUTE from Midvale Cottage.

McCall's 2062 and McCall's 2264 via Vintage Pattern Wiki

I'm absolutely crazy about these 1950s family aprons from McCall's.  

On the left, gingerbread cookies gaily decorate aprons for mom, dad, sis, brother, and even the dog! Kinsey Sue has it in stock!!  

On the right, a cowboy Santa and his lasso and boots decorate mom, dad, and kiddo aprons .. totally unique!

McCall's 1991 via Vintage Pattern Wiki
Do you like this really neat apron with Santa on the roof top?  Or maybe a candy cane?

McCall 2182 via Vintage Pattern Wiki

This has subdued but elegant holiday motifs.  Classy classy!

Mail Order 7437

Another cute mail order Santa apron pattern via Kinsey Sue.

Vogue 8753
This hard-to-find Vogue pattern from Carrollonline includes many things for your holiday table besides the apron... look at those cute pot holders!

McCall's 3422
Really look like Santa or Mrs. Claus in this adorable apron from Hey Chica.

It's extra easy to sew an apron with this pre-printed fabric panel from Linda Kay Designs.

Simplicity 4213

A festive tree decorates the ruffled pocket of this cocktail apron pattern from Mom and Pop Culture Shop.


Okay. I'm really exhausted after all of those aprons.  Maybe it's time to take a break and make one?  Or do some baking?

Next time, I'll do the baking first so I have some cookies to munch on while I blog. :)

Happy cooking and happy sewing!

Let us know what you think. :)