Monday, October 5, 2015

Simplicity Welcomes October, 1968!

This week, let's take a look at the styles from Simplicity, October 1968!  The first week of October is here and a chill is in the air.  What better way to celebrate the changing seasons than to sew something special for your autumn wardrobe? :)

I'm sure you'll love these fun mod styles.

Simplicity 7872/7848 & Simplicity 7889

Look at the cute collared dress on the cover!  Red, white, and blue!  Very cute and very mod'ern!  Pattern Patter Team members have some similar styles in stock:

1.)   Butterick 9537; Fragolina
2.)   Butterick 4680; Sandritocat
3.)   Vogue 6511; Neverwares

And how about that super-mod suit?  Doesn't he look just like Ken?  A jacket with no collar!  Both this pattern and style of jacket are pretty hard to find.

1.)  Vogue 1753; The Granny Squared
2.)  McCall's 9636; Fancywork

Simplicity 7850 & 7845
Maybe you'd like to make a bright blue dress to liven up those gray autumn skies?  You can't miss with this cute dress with a  pocket... dress it up with whatever belt you want.  Simplicity 7850 is in stock at Vogue Vixens

Simplicity 7854, 7842, 7853, 7860
Collarless was a trend, and Simplicity 7860 with it's cool shoulder interest is in stock at Sydcam 123. You can colorblock it too!

Nothing says fall like a coatdress and you can get similar styles right now!

1.)  Vogue 7016; Fancywork
2.)  Vogue 2147; Sew As It Was Patterns
3.)  Butterick 3438; Mbchills
4.)  Vogue 2159; Find Crafty Patterns

Simplicity 7852, 7847, 7867
These little dresses are so cute and really will never go out of style.  You can wear one today with some cozy tights and be well suited for the office or school.  Add a belt, or not!  Oh, and they're EASY to make!

Here's some similar looks from the Pattern Patter Team:

1.)  Simplicity 7510; Smiling Cat Vintage
2.)  Butterick 5913; Purple Plaid Penguin
3.)  Simplicity 6868; Retroactive Future
4.)  Style 2704; Stitching By Numbers

Simplicity 7846, 7849, 7857, 7876
A collar is nice, and Simplicity 7849 in stock right now at Retroactive Future and We Are Vintage Sewing.

I think 7857 looks a little punk, don't you think?  Here's some similar looks you can totally rock:

1.)  Mail Order A566; Erika With A K Vintage
2.)  Vogue 2432; Sew As It Was Patterns
3.)  Simplicity 8586; Redcurlz's Patterns
4.)  Vogue 1919; Grey Dog Vintage

Simplicity 7861, 7851, 7863, 7870

A matching coat-and-dress combo is great for the fall... or in the spring for a lovely Easter look! Charming matching outfit Simplicity 7861 in stock at Retroactive Future.

1.)  Simplicity 5152; Frisky Scissors
2.)  Vogue 1517; So Vintage on Etsy
3.)  McCall's 9601; Sandritocat

Simplicity 7886, 7884, 7883, 7887, 7885
Of course, the kids have to have some fun!   Don't you love the scallops on Simplicity 7886?  What about the boy's version of a nehru suit?

Again, I feel like these would make some great outfits for Easter as well as fall.  Simplicity 7887 with it's charming coat is in stock at Clutterina's Shop.

1.)  Simplicity 7966; Grandma Made With Love
2.)  Butterick 2647; Pitter Pattern Place
3.)  McCall's 9158; Roma's Maison
4.)  Butterick 3023; Mbchills
5.)  Simplicity 8172; Jeanie's Shop

Here's a similar boy's Nehru suit, in stock at People Packages and We Are Vintage Sewing

Simplicity 7866
And CAPES!   Did you know capes are really hot for this Fall?  You simply have to add one to your wardrobe, and it's easy to make one for yourself!  Simplicity 7866 in stock at Redcurlz's Patterns.

Check out some other great cape patterns from the team!

1.)  New Look 6658; DRC Rose Patterns
2.)  Simplicity 6680; Patterns New 2 U
3.)  Butterick 6542; Fancywork
4.)  Vogue 7231; Sew Betty and Dot
5.)  Simplicity 7544; People Packages

Simplicity 7843
It's EASY to make a new dress when there's removable collar and cuffs!!  Like it says, can you believe this is just one dress?  Change out with a wig or hairpiece and you'll look like a whole new person in a whole new dress. :)

Here's some collars and cuffs from the team!

1.)  McCall's 2404; Erika with a K
2.)  Vogue 1815; Vogue Vixens
3.)  Simplicity 3078; Sew Betty and Dot


I hope you enjoyed this look back at October, 1968!  Do you like the patterns I picked?

Please visit all the lovely shops of the Pattern Patter Team to make your MOD daydreams come true!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Free Pattern Friday - Rainbow Supreme West Virginia Skirt

Today for Free Pattern Friday we have a skirt pattern I found in my stash called the "Rainbow West Virginia Supreme" outfit from 1982!

I'm not positive where this came from, but I think it might be related to the International Order of the Rainbow...(a masonic organization for girls..) though I'm not sure how that relates to the skirt!

If you have any better guesses, let me know.

It is a fun and easy skirt that will suit almost any gal's wardrobe, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

This pattern is from an unknown source and is assumed copyright free.  If you are the copyright holder and wish me to take it down, please just let me know.