Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Simplicity - June 1973

Simplicity 5688
Oooh, summer days are here, and that means summer fashion!  Let's look at 1973... you'll be surprised how stylish you can be in your retro fashions. :)

On the cover... an adorable playsuit with skirt add-on... so fun for those long summer days.  In stock now at People Packages and Clutterina's Shop.  Such a cute playsuit will never go out of style.

Simplicity 5692; 5695; 5697; 5687
The summer fun continues!  Look at all these cute outfits!  All stylin' and easy to sew.  You can make them today and wear them tomorrow. :)

The adorable tie midriff blouse + crop pants (5695) is great for a day on the lake!  In stock now at FancyworkKinsey Sue, and Clutterina's Shop.

The sweet crop-top and shorts combo (5697), in stock at Sew Vintage Detroit... also comes with pants or a skirt.

Simplicity 5670; 5671; 5673
Nothing says summer like a little sundress.. and these are perfect for any gal's wardrobe.  Any picnic will be prettier if you show up in one of these. 

Simplicity 5671 is in stock at Retroactive Future. (Comes with pants, too!)

Or try some of these similar dresses from the Pattern Patter Team:

1.)  Simplicity 9225; Grandma Made With Love
2.)  Butterick 4449; Roma's Maison
3.)  Simplicity 9779; Redcurlz's
4.)  McCall's 9746; Cloe's Closet

Simplicity 5705; 5704; 5667; 5668; 5669
Don't forget the little ones, of course. :)  Plus dresses and outfits you can make in a JIFFY.

The cute little sundress, 5705, (which can also be worn a as a top with pants) is in stock at Redcurlz's.

Here's some more "Jiffy" patterns you can make so quick!

1.)  Simplicity 5079; We Are Vintage Sewing
2.)  Simplicity 9072; California Sunset
3.)  Simplicity 6079; Blue Tree Sewing Studio
4.)  Simplicity 8865; Clutterina's Shop

Simplicity 5675; 5678; 5679; 5677
Casual dresses make the scene, stylish now as they were then. :)

Cute 5678, with it's keyhole neckline, is in stock at MBChills.

Here's some similar dresses with cool contrasting details like in 5677...

1.)  Butterick 5959; Fancywork
2.)  Simplicity 9338; Happy I Found It
3.)  Simplicity 7804; Purple Plaid Penguin

Simplicity 5693; 5694; 5712; 5694
Summer means SWIMMING and these beachy swimsuits are perfect for you!

Similar swimwear from the team:

1.)  McCall's 3606; Vintage Needle Finds
2.)  Simplicity 9321; Frisky Scissors
3.)  McCall's 2839; Erika With A K Vintage
4.)  Butterick 6267; Roma's Maison

Simplicity 5724; 5725
Crewel was very popular and trendy in the 1970s... lovely floral designs.  A similar floral crewel design, Simplicity 4716, is in stock at DRC Rose Patterns.

Simplicity 5708; 5696
Great tennis looks on the back cover!  Anybody want to play a match?

Similar looks:

1.)  Simplicity 9417; People Packages
2.)  Simplicity 9966; Blue Tree Sewing Studio
3.)  Butterick 4342; Clutterina's Shop
4.)  Simplicity 6398; Retroactive Future

Well, that's about it for right now!!  I hope you enjoyed this look back at Summer, 1973!

What's your favorite pattern? :)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Stuck On Scallops

One of my favorite sewing touches is scallops!  Pretty on a hem, as trim, on a neckline, on kids or grown-ups.. this sweet touch is never out of style.  It can make something simple look really high-class!  Let's look at some patterns, shall we? :)

Madame Weigel's 3284 via the Vintage Pattern Wiki
This is one of the earliest patterns I could find with scallop detail!  This cute child's coat has scallop trim on the cuffs and collar.  This little coat would still look darling on a child today.

McCall 3957 via Vintage Pattern Wiki
This early McCall "waist" blouse features a simple two-scallop button closure, with or without collar.

Butterick 3067 via the Vintage Pattern Wiki
Scallops continued to be a popular motif into the 1920s as seen here in this beautiful Butterick pattern.  The closure imitates the interesting design at the waist.

Butterick 3284 via the Vintage Pattern Wiki
Here scallops are used creatively at the waistline seam as well as on the collar. A flattering look!

Simplicity 2000 via the Vintage Pattern Wiki
Another interesting design seen here.. check out the cuffs!

Now let's look at some pretty scallop-featuring patterns from the Pattern Patter Team!

McCall 6994
I love the scalloped asymmetrical closure on this awesome dress!  From  DRC Rose Patterns.

The American Weekly, 3808
This one has a neato detachable capelet with a scalloped edge.. how cool is that? :)  From Erika With A K.

Spaeda S-328
This cool dress features double buttons in each scallop.  Designer pattern from Kinsey Sue.

Mail Order 698
Scallops on the edge of an apron are always in fashion!  Not to mention, an easy way to dress up a simple design.  From Sandritocat.

Simplicity 2796
Scallops all over on this lovely 1940s number from Fancywork.  Figure flattering dart fitting, too.

Mail Order 1750
Don't leave out the kiddos!  Even the little bloomers have scallop detail.  So cute from Pengy Patterns.

Simplicity 6249

Not just for day clothes, put them on your pajamas and housecoat, too. :)  Rose's Pattern Treasury.

Simplicity 5928
Or matching dresses for girl and doll from Daisy Kingdom?  Pitter Pattern Place.

Advance 2392
Grey Dog Vintage has this unusual pattern with criss-cross or asymmetrical scalloped neckline.

Simplicity 3875
A contrasting scallop looks like a million bucks!  From Sydcam 123.

Simplicity 8172
Happy I Found It has this cute 1960s mini-dress... add a little spark to such a simple dress.

Simplicity 3499
A fascinating button-on bolero with scalloped hem!  Really unique and beautiful.  Pretty Pattern Shop.

Butterick 3212 Vintage Pattern Wiki
I just had to end with this cute little hat!  TOO adorable!

I hope you enjoyed this little entry.

Here's a Tutorial on sewing scallops if you should like to do them yourself, or need a little refresher.

Here's more patterns featuring scallops from the Pattern Patter Team!

Happy sewing!