Monday, June 29, 2015

Interesting Selections From Butterick Catalog of Fashion, 1900 - Part 2 - Patterns for Work

Part 2 - Patterns for Work

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Here's part two in our continuing series looking at the Butterick 1900 Spring catalog.  This time we'll take a look at some utilitarian patterns made for various kinds of work.

Here we have a selection of work aprons in various styles, some more utilitarian than others, the one on the left being a bit more dressy.  

Here's an interesting nurse's apron and cap.  

Here we have a nurses' cap and kerchief.

These overall aprons could be worn doing housework or cooking.

In the days before sunscreen, and when having a tan was not en vogue, a sun bonnet like this one would have been welcome for working in the garden or hanging out laundry.

Here are some more bonnets that are a little fancier but I would say the two on the left may have been worn for utilitarian purposes.  Bonnets aren't exactly my area of expertise.

This advertisement appeared in the back of the catalog advertising books helping with both nursing and cooking.

While all of these patterns are extremely rare, the Pattern Patter Team always have tons of apron patterns available!  Why don't you check some of them out?


  1. Fun post! I like comparing the Victorian-Edwardian eras of "acceptable" dress with today's. Love the bonnets.

  2. Love these historical posts! Thanks for writing this.

    1. Thank you! If people keep being interested, I'll keep writing!

  3. Replies
    1. I love the bonnets, too.. a very functional piece of clothing.. maybe I should make one for the garden?

  4. Great article, I love aprons and bonnets, wow!