Monday, September 28, 2015

Focus On: Vogue Special Design: The 1940s

Vogue's "Special Design" line was introduced in the 1930s.  These patterns were supposed to be a bit more complicated than your average sewing pattern.  They often featured unusual fashion-forward details from the very hottest new trends of the time.  Special Design patterns included a classy sew-in label to make your couture work of art your very own!  "Homemade" didn't have to mean thrifty or average with a Vogue pattern.

These patterns are phenomenally popular with collectors and stitchers worldwide, and I thought I might share some of the lovely Special Design patterns available now from the Pattern Patter Team.

There are so many of them out there... how about we simply focus on the 1940s today? :)  No particular reason, I just like them!

Vogue S-4648

From Sue's Upcycled N Vintage comes Vogue S-4648, currently on sale!  Check out those interesting seams, neckline, and bows!  Also note the somewhat hefty price of $1.00 in 1948 dollars, quite a bit when a regular pattern cost around 35 cents!  This added expense is part of what makes these patterns so rare and collectible today.

Vogue S-4977

From Redcurlz's Patterns is another 1940s pattern, Vogue S-4977.  Curiously, it features similar side bow interest.  Who wouldn't look dramatic in this dress?

Vogue S-4671
More pretty bows!  This pattern from Fragolina has a beautiful neckline and a peplum.. very classy! The back is also very pretty, don't you think?

Vogue S-4454

Asymmetry is a key style point in all of these patterns.  The side-bows in the previous patterns, and the gathers that alternate sides in this amazing number from Selvedge Shop.  I love how the gathers are on the left on the top and on the right on the bottom.  Isn't that unique?  Where else are you going to find anything like that? 

Vogue S-4865
She'll Make You Flip has this great pattern in stock which features a really unusual pocket design.  Super cute for any time of the year... I'm thinking you would look great on a piazza in Italy wearing this one. :)

Vogue S-4841

Drop-dead gorgeous style in this peplum'd glamouriffic dress from Floradora Presents.  

Vogue S-4855

Another pretty peplum is featured in Vogue S-4855, available at Bluetree Sewing Studio.

Vogue S-4531
How about a classy cocktail dress with a jacket?  The contrasting bow and trim on the sleeves is really cute... I bet you could find some shoes with contrast trim, too!  Available at So Vintage On Etsy.

Vogue S-4911

Moving into evening gowns, how about this beautiful gown with deep Vs in both the front and back.. and fullness added into the back as well?  From Sew As It Was Patterns.

Vogue S-4333
I'm totally in love with this unusual evening gown!  The basque bodice, side fullness and back interest are really curious!  One-of-a-kind!  From What Not Gems.

Vogue S-4532
From Fragolina, comes this amazing and RARE wedding gown pattern.  Lots of options for the bride to be... she can have just the dreamy look she wants.

Speaking of weddings, here is another amazing gown from Sew As It Was Patterns.  It features a drop waist and very unusual tiered skirt.


That's about all for this time!   Which one do you like best?

I'll be back soon with a look at some other eras of Special Design patterns.


  1. I think I like the one with the unusual pockets best but really all of them make me sigh and swoon. I would so love to wear dresses from that period. They are stunning :)

  2. My reason for collecting! Beautiful patterns and thank you Nessa!

  3. I love all of these! Where oh where has the glamour gone?

  4. Ah....Those were the days, such style, grace and elegance !
    Thank you Nessa !

  5. All beautiful and stunning! Thanks so much Nessa!

  6. I love the Vogue S-4333 the best because it looks very flattering!

  7. They're all gorgeous! I love this era of sewing and fashion.

  8. This genre of vintage patterns is my favorite. I never tire of seeing them.

    Vogue knew how to make a woman look classy.And their envelope
    graphics was always outstanding.