Monday, September 21, 2015

Decorate for Halloween with the Pattern Patter Team!

Halloween may seem a little bit far off, but now is just the time to get started making some cute DIY Halloween decorations!  And you can find lots of super nifty Halloween patterns from the Pattern Patter Team. :)  If you like Halloween as much as I do, you'll want to get started PRONTO.

Simplicity 9921

First off, Erika with a K has this cute pumpkin-themed decorating pattern to spookify your porch or entryway.

McCall's 2329

Some silly witches and ghosties you can make in this cute pattern from Lonestar Blondie.

McCall's 9503

These cute pumpkin guys and scarecrow will welcome trick or treaters! Courtesy of Cloe's Closet.

McCall's 4616

These adorable ghosts, cats and pumpkins are more cute than spooky!  On sale now at Rose's Pattern Treasury,
McCall's 4190
Make a Halloween celebration nobody will every forget with these oh so cute and very retro-looking party decorations from Purple Plaid Penguin.

Tons of cute decorations here!  You can get the pattern and make 'em.  Check it out at Jeanie's Shop or Vogue Vixens.

McCall's 8949

Adorable treat bags (and easy!) plus cute little decorations are great for your party.  Get the party started at Purple Plaid Penguin.

These Sew Scary dolls and decorations aren't really so scary!  You can make them up with this pattern from Fragolina.

Butterick 4884

These cute treat bags are great for kids!  Fun and easy.  Patterns Plus Notions has it!

Butterick 5877

This fun vintage pattern from Laguna Lane includes not only a treat bag and door decoration but also pumpkin windsock, welcome flag, and more!

Simplicity 7039

Cute treat bags for Halloween and other holidays in this pattern from Vogue Vixens.

Cotton Way 269

Greet guests in a truly impressive fashion with this amazing sculptural witch doll and her toad! Make it yours at Cloe's Closet.

Country Handcrafts Fall 1985

Also from Cloe's Closet, this little witchy featured in a vintage craft magazine will bring good luck to your kitchen. 

Leisure Arts 83008

Do you like cross stitch?  You can use these fun Halloween designs to prettify all kinds of items. :)  At Magnolia Sewing Basket.

Simplicity 9443

Cute pumpkin porch-sitter and other holiday themed dolls from Clutterina's Shop will be welcome!

Simplicity 8394

Cute holiday placemats (including Halloween) in this vintage pattern from Vintage Needle Finds will surely brighten up any table and add life to any party. 

Simplicity 7002

Cute witchy basket cover to hide some sweet treats!  Stitching By Numbers.

Simplicity 8771

Flags for several holidays in this pattern from Wits End Design.

Simplicity 3642

Spoooooky arms and legs you can stick in creative places!  (Santa's pretty creepy too, if you ask me.)  This adorable pattern is in stock at People Packages.

McCall's 3939

All kinds of decorations to add some whimsy in this pattern from Clutterina.

McCall's 6179

Fun decorations and also a collar for Fido in this unusual pattern you can pick up at Rose's Pattern Treasury!  (On sale!)

McCall's 6220

How about a witch bunny decoration (really cute!) at Bluetree Sewing Studio?


Did this maybe inspire you to do some Halloween decorating?  Be sure to check out all the fun Halloween patterns you can get from the Pattern Patter Team!


  1. Fantasticly Spooky !
    You have gotten my creative mind ticking it really that soon or Halloween ?
    Great Blog.....Thank You !!!!!!!
    Boo !

  2. Love Halloween, I didn't know about some of these. Awesome patterns, thank you!!

  3. LOVE !!! Butterick 5877. That is one darling clown costume.
    Love the outrageous hair with the top hat perched on top.
    A great pattern to use smaller pieces of left over fabrics.

  4. Get creating and making for Halloween early and with a little tweaking many of your decorations can go up for Thanksgiving. I have made Simplicity 7418 "the scarecrow" so many times as he has wandered home with friends and family. :)

  5. Very cute...I enjoy the sort of cute and spooky side of Halloween, more for kids, than the creepy/scary/gory side. These are so cute.

  6. Love the dog costumes. All elementary teachers are grateful that Halloween falls on a Saturday this year! Sugar high may wear off by Monday:)

  7. My favorite holiday, and decorating is such fun! Love the witch bunny. Thanks Nessa!