Friday, September 11, 2015

Free Pattern Friday - Bib Pattern & Tutorial

Sweet & Easy Bib Pattern

Today's free pattern comes to us courtesy of Pattern Patter Team Member Fox Vintage UK.

It's a lovely bib pattern and would make a wonderful gift!

No download today, just follow along with these pictures and instructions. :)

Also see more process photos below the instructions.

Materials Required

- (Makes 2. Approx 6-12m) (A little more than 1/2 yd.)

-  FQ of main 100% cotton fabric
-  FQ of lining fabric (Toweling is preference but you can use fleece as well)

-  Kam snaps and press (or sew-on Velcro)

-  Matching colour thread 



- Seam allowance is 1cm - 

1.)  Use the diagram to draw out your template onto paper (Template below)

2.)  Cut out the pattern on the fold of the main fabric and again in the lining fabric

3.)  Pin right sides together (print facing right side of lining) Start at each point and then work your way round to prevent stretching

4.)  Starting on the top straight side in the middle begin stitching around the bib, coming back round to the start BUT leaving a 1.5 inch approx gap to turn out. Before turning clip corners

5.)  When right side is turned through - press bib remembering at the gap to fold the fabric inside ready to be closed. Don't worry too much if the lining can be seen on the outside it may not stay completely hidden

6.)  Begin top stitching close to the edge from a straight long side - no need to back stitch as you will 
meet the stitching when you come round 

7.)  Finally, as per the instructions that came with your press add a snap stud to each corner. Remember to push through towelling well and make sure you have opposite ends of the stud facing the right way as they are hard to remove afterwards! If you don't have a kam snap then a 1 inch piece of velcro sewn securely in place will also work just fine

8.)  Voila your bib is finished. Feel free to share the pattern and by all means use for business but please credit the Pattern Patter team blog 

*Babies should never be left wearing any bib unattended*


Mix it up! - Try these ideas!

-  Top stitch lace or rickrack for a more fancy finish.
-  Use tiny bits of fabric to applique a plain cotton bib. 
-  Use left over triangles to make hair bows or applique pockets onto baby clothes.

Now some pictures! :D



Here is the template you can use to make the bib.

Stitch it up!

Trim those corners for neatness of course. :)

Ready to turn right-side out.

Pressing it up!

Topstitching :)

Placing the snap.

Finished!  (And very cute)


Very nice, isn't it?  I'm sure you can make several very quickly and easily.  Good for a beginner as well!

Wonderful gift for the new mom or shower present.

Thanks again to Fox Vintage UK for this wonderful tutorial!


  1. Adorable and easy!
    I think I might make up a batch for some gifts!
    Thanks Fox Vintage UK!

  2. Cute, cute. And I agree with Redcurlzs - these would make great little gifts

  3. Excellent tutorial, great job and a very useful gift or for the visiting grandchildren in my case! Thank you Fox Vintage UK!

  4. So cute--love the fabric you chose.

  5. Thanks everyone! I hope it comes in handy - it does for me :)