Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back To School With McCall's!

How about an actual Back to School pattern booklet for that first week of September?   Labor Day's past and it's officially time for school!

Unfortunately, this booklet from McCall's is undated, but only says it's from September.  I'm guessing it's early 1970s or very late 1960s.  

The cover features this cute jumper dress with knee socks and a blouse with a big collar.  And how about those chunky pilgrim heels?  (McCall's 2040)

Here's some similar patterns from the Pattern Patter Team:

#1.)  Simplicity 5913; Fancywork
#2.)  Simplicity 8976; Retroactive Future
#3.)  McCall's 2901; Purple Plaid Penguin

Jumpers are always great for fall!  You can keep warm and look cute, too.  I still wear them to work!  Pair them with tights or socks and whatever blouse style you like best.

Here we see McCall's 2027/2028, which has handy pockets and a deep V neckline.  On the next page, McCall's 2347 features contrasting collar and cuffs which are very girlish and sweet.

Some similar patterns from the team:

#1.)  Simplicity 8034; Bluetree Sewing Studio
#2.)  McCall's 9552; Atomic Regeneration
#3.)  Simplicity 6628; Jeanie's Shop

And some similar girlish patterns with contrasting collars and cuffs:

#1.)  Simplicity 5152; Pattern Memories
#2.)  Simplicity 5450; Retroactive Future
#3.)  Simplicity 9803; Purple Plaid Penguin

More fun jumpers!  McCall's 2060 has a V-neckline again, while McCall's 2020 has a bib-style.  Still very wearable!   Maybe not quite as currently fashionable is McCall's 2077, with it's vest buttoned to some really pleated pants!  Space age look of the future!!

Similar patterns from the Pattern Patter Team:

#1.)  Simplicity 8408; Clutterina's Shop
#2.)  McCall's 2481; Sydcam 123
#3.)  Simplicity 9776; People Packages

#1.)  Simplicity 5852; Sandritocat
#2.)  Simplicity 6284; People Packages
#3.)  McCall's 3349; Jeanie's Shop

Fun Mix-and-Match Separates are featured in McCall's 2607/2018 and McCall's 2001.  Could you add these to your fall wardrobe?  More chunky heels and knee socks!

Some similar 70s Mix-And Match autumn looks from the Pattern Patter Team:

#1.)  Simplicity 8694; Atomic Regeneration
#2.)  Vogue 7515; Fancywork
#3.)  Simplicity 6103; Frisky Scissors

Such a sweet contrast collar (and a neat design) in McCall's 2051!  A simple, easy-to-wear look in 2041.  Girlish ruffles and frills in McCall's 2078, gotta love it!  Still very wearable today... I'd wear it anyway.  A hint at even MORE ruffles that would grace the front of blouses in the later part of the 70s.

Some similar looks from team members:

#1.) Vogue 7807; Grey Dog Vintage
#2.)  McCall's 9366; Pattern Matters
#3.)  McCall's 3094; Laguna Lane
#4.)  Simplicity 4544; Sydcam 123

WOW!  Check those pants and pigtails!  Groovy McCall's 2057 and 2068 will give you that 70s wardrobe look.

Teamies have similar patterns!

#1.)  Butterick 6819; Erika With A K
#2.)  McCall's 9756; Pengy Patterns
#3.)  McCall's 4422; Smiling Cat Vintage
#4.)  Butterick 3628; Grandma Made With Love

Finally the back features McCall's 2074, a fun plaid jumper that's great for any girl for Back to School!  Very easy, make a lot of them!

Some similar patterns from Pattern Patter Team members:

#1.) Butterick 3235; Fancywork
#2.) McCall's 2033; Sandritocat
#3.)  Simplicity 7370; Redcurlz's Patterns
#4.)  Simplicity 9854; Keepsakes Studio


I'm pretty exhausted from looking up all those patterns, but I hope I gave you some ideas for fall sewing fun!

Maybe some of these looks are out of style, but I know you creative people can find ways to bring them into the 21st Century!

Which look do you like best?  

Be sure to visit all the shops of the Pattern Patter Team!

Until next time... :)


  1. My mother didn't sew---so for me my "FIrst Day fo School" duds always came from the Speigal's catalog. Always an exciting day in my life when I actually looked forward to getting older. That stopped around age 25.
    So many wonderful selections here for all ages--elementary through college.

  2. Love the 70s patterns! Great blog!

  3. Thanks for including me! These patterns are giving me flashbacks to my own elementary school years when my mom was still sewing for me.

  4. My mother made all my clothes...lots of tunics with tops underneath.
    Certainly brings back memories...Thank you for the trip down to the schoolyard !

  5. I remember these styles! I always did like jumpers and long vests with short skirts!
    Great selections!

  6. I will always love jumpers and knee socks! Too cute, even today!

  7. I know my mother made most of these for me and/or my sister. I recognize them! Then I went off to college and could wear jeans to class.

  8. Love the collection. My daughter loves the 60's and 70's styles. She is always telling me they are "so cute". Thanks for including one of my patterns.

  9. Love the collection. My daughter loves the 60's and 70's styles. She is always telling me they are "so cute". Thanks for including one of my patterns.

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  11. Boy, does this take me back! Fantastic collection of 70's school looks.