Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Let's Add Patterns To The Vintage Pattern Wiki!

Hello pattern fans!

Here comes another addition of our tutorial series.  Maybe you read our last article about ADDING LINKS to the Vintage Pattern Wikia.

Now it's time to step up and learn how to add a whole new pattern entry.  You can do it, I believe in you!

Again, this is for the CHROME browser, I don't know if it will work the same in every other browser, but it should be similar.  I recommend using a PC and not your phone or tablet.

Let's get started.

Okay, the first step is to make sure that the pattern isn't already in the Wiki.  (For more information on that, please see the previous tutorial.)  Once you've confirmed the pattern doesn't already exist, it's time to add it yourself!

In the above case, Vogue 8449 and Vogue 8449 A were not the pattern for which I was looking.  So, I needed to make "Vogue 8449 B" and add the pattern myself.  First off, click on "Create article [Your Pattern Name]"

That will pop up a window that looks like the one above.  You want to start with adding a photo.  Click "Add a photo."

Click "Choose File" and select your picture of the pattern.  It shouldn't be sized too large.  Also, give it a unique name, so it won't have the same name as any other photo in the library.  If it does conflict, it will tell you, make sure you don't write over anyone else's photo.

After you've selected your file, click "Upload."

An "uploaded photo" page will pop up.  Size the photo to 350 pixels.  You can type it in, or use the slider.   Then click the dot to make sure the pattern picture gets aligned on the left.  Then click "Add photo."

After you upload the photo, it will appear in the main Wiki listing editing page.  The little green thing there is a "notice."  It instructs you to switch to "source mode" which will make it easier to carefully edit the listing.  Click on "source" in the tab to the upper right.

This is what "source mode" looks like.  It looks a little intimidating, but don't be afraid!

Okay, we have to do a lot of things here.  First, you can delete the notice.  Just backspace over it or highlight it and delete it.  See the [[File...]] part?  That's the code that is your pattern picture.  Write the description of the pattern directly under that piece of code.

The method the Wiki likes to use is "[Pattern Brand Name] [Pattern Number]; ," followed by ca. [Pattern date]; followed by [Pattern Title] and [Pattern Description]  (Don't type the brackets.)  If you don't know the exact date, just put "1950s", or "1960s."  If the pattern has a date on it, put that date.

 Read some other pattern listings to get a feel for the format.

Since we aren't adding links to blogs or shops here, you can remove the parts next to the pink asterisks.  Make sure you don't delete the headings.

You can ignore everything else.

Here's what it looks like after I typed in my description.  See how I added the description?  Also, note how I deleted the links to blogs/vendors.

At this point I usually switch back to "Visual" mode to make sure nothing looks weird.

If everything looks good, you can move on.  Adding a few categories is usually a good idea.  "Vintage Sewing Pattern" is in every entry.  You should also use the brand of the pattern as a tag, and the year or decade it was made.  The category suggestions will pop up as you type. You don't need to add too many categories.  A moderator will add more to make sure everything gets put in the right place.  Of course, if you think a category should be added that doesn't already exist, go ahead and add it, but don't be offended if a moderator removes it.

Here's me adding some categories.

Alright, we're almost done!  It's not finished until you click "Publish."

And that's that!

A couple of things:

-  If you mess up, don't freak out... a moderator can probably fix something if you can't figure it out.
-  I know it looks intimidating, but after a few tries it will be second nature.
-  Be careful not to add a pattern that already exists.
-  Remember not to add any patterns that are from after about 1990.

If you have any questions, I can try to help, but I'm no expert!  I hope you'll give it a try, as the Wikia is such a great resource for us all.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Happy Holidays Mega Post!!

I know it's been a while since we've updated around here!  Things have been pretty hectic the last several months so I apologize.

Anyway, I thought I might do a fun post off interesting and fun patterns from the Vintage Patterns Wiki, that have a Christmas or holiday theme.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

There must have been dozens of these "felt appliqued stocking" patterns over the years.  If you go to enough flea markets and antique shops you will see some old ones for sale and maybe even guess which pattern was used to make them!

Here's a bunch more, all really cute.   I especially like McCall's 2271's cat and dog stockings.  Also, team member Kinsey Sue has Simplicity 4519 in stock if you're interested!  Frisky Scissors also has a similar pattern in stock!

All of these patterns are somewhat hard to find, as are most patterns from the 1950s these days.  They aren't impossible to find though, and turn up with varying frequency, though you can be sure they'll sell in a hot minute if the price is right.  Very popular, and why not?  Just look at how cute they are!

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

This unusual pattern is supposed to be a pajama bag, though I'm having a bit of trouble imagining what this might look like in real life.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

Oh, more cheery appliques you could put on most anything.  I don't recall seeing a table runner like that one before.  Note it even has little pockets for napkins or silverware for your Christmas party buffet.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

Speaking of adorable appliques, how sweet is that Christmas tree skirt?  Not the kind that goes around your Christmas tree.. the kind that goes around YOU.  Try it in red and green at your next soiree and everyone will stand in awe. ;)

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

Christmas then or Christmas now, felt makes it easy to make a festive decoration.  :)  I love how cheery these are.. I use a lot of vintage decorations like this in my own home.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

Still more cute patterns featuring appliques!  These are really easy and festive, I hope you'll give one a try!  Retroactive Future has McCall's 2616 in stock.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

I know I mentioned both of these last year, but they are my favorites!  I love the little girl's appliqued skirt (perfect for ice skating!) and the matching "cowboy Santa" aprons for the whole family!  How sweet!  Did anyone really make these?  I hope so. :)

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

Lest you think "Elf on the Shelf" is a modern invention, here are some cutie-pie pixies you can sit on your mantle this Christmas.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

These 1970s stockings are so funny!  I love the roller skate!

Still MORE cute appliqued ideas.  I love the "Door Santa" in the top right pattern, don't you?  Cloe's Closet has it in stock!

That's about all for now.. I hope you enjoyed!  Please check out all the festive Christmas patterns from Pattern Patter Team.