Monday, December 12, 2016

Happy Holidays Mega Post!!

I know it's been a while since we've updated around here!  Things have been pretty hectic the last several months so I apologize.

Anyway, I thought I might do a fun post off interesting and fun patterns from the Vintage Patterns Wiki, that have a Christmas or holiday theme.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

There must have been dozens of these "felt appliqued stocking" patterns over the years.  If you go to enough flea markets and antique shops you will see some old ones for sale and maybe even guess which pattern was used to make them!

Here's a bunch more, all really cute.   I especially like McCall's 2271's cat and dog stockings.  Also, team member Kinsey Sue has Simplicity 4519 in stock if you're interested!  Frisky Scissors also has a similar pattern in stock!

All of these patterns are somewhat hard to find, as are most patterns from the 1950s these days.  They aren't impossible to find though, and turn up with varying frequency, though you can be sure they'll sell in a hot minute if the price is right.  Very popular, and why not?  Just look at how cute they are!

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

This unusual pattern is supposed to be a pajama bag, though I'm having a bit of trouble imagining what this might look like in real life.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

Oh, more cheery appliques you could put on most anything.  I don't recall seeing a table runner like that one before.  Note it even has little pockets for napkins or silverware for your Christmas party buffet.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

Speaking of adorable appliques, how sweet is that Christmas tree skirt?  Not the kind that goes around your Christmas tree.. the kind that goes around YOU.  Try it in red and green at your next soiree and everyone will stand in awe. ;)

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

Christmas then or Christmas now, felt makes it easy to make a festive decoration.  :)  I love how cheery these are.. I use a lot of vintage decorations like this in my own home.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

Still more cute patterns featuring appliques!  These are really easy and festive, I hope you'll give one a try!  Retroactive Future has McCall's 2616 in stock.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

I know I mentioned both of these last year, but they are my favorites!  I love the little girl's appliqued skirt (perfect for ice skating!) and the matching "cowboy Santa" aprons for the whole family!  How sweet!  Did anyone really make these?  I hope so. :)

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

Lest you think "Elf on the Shelf" is a modern invention, here are some cutie-pie pixies you can sit on your mantle this Christmas.

Via Vintage Pattern Wiki

These 1970s stockings are so funny!  I love the roller skate!

Still MORE cute appliqued ideas.  I love the "Door Santa" in the top right pattern, don't you?  Cloe's Closet has it in stock!

That's about all for now.. I hope you enjoyed!  Please check out all the festive Christmas patterns from Pattern Patter Team.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Halloween From The Pattern Patter Team

Halloween is nearly here!  I know all of you are busy sewing your special Halloween costumes, so let's take a look at Halloween past!

I had the luck to find this lovely vintage costume catalog from Ladies Home Journal, circa 1920s:

Ahh!  This cover is so pretty and Art Deco.. and some of the costumes inside are a real treat.

First some international costumes from places around the globe...

Or maybe some loosely-interpreted historical characters are more up your alley?  (Dolly Varden is from Dickens, so she's fictional!)

Still more whimsical international themed designs... I love the French Sewing Girl, don't you?

Here are some lovely characters from theatre and legend...

Of course, it wouldn't be Halloween without some fairies and witches... :)

Nobody says no to a cute patriotic costume!

Still more whimsical international costumes!

There were also many child-size costumes included in the catalog.. very sweet ideas

More child-sized or teen-sized costumes... I didn't know the Campfire Girls had been around so long..

And that's it!!

One really interesting thing about this little catalog is that descriptions list not only fabric requirements, but crepe paper requirements, if you should want to make the costume out of paper instead of fabric.

The fabric requirements are listed with the regular descriptions and pictures, the crepe paper requirements are in the back.

The descriptions are really so cute, but if I listed them all we'd be here until NEXT Halloween.

I hope you enjoyed this!  Have a lovely Halloween!