Monday, August 24, 2015

Have an Animated Halloween - Cartoon Halloween Costumes: Part 2 - Warner Brothers

Cartoon Halloween Costumes: Part 2 - Warner Brothers
(For Part 1 featuring Disney, Click HERE)

Are there any cartoons as well known as characters from Disney?  Possibly characters from Warner Brothers!  And there are a lot of Warner Bros. licensed cartoon costume patterns out there.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Who's the most famous Warner Brothers character?  Bugs Bunny, of course!

McCall's 2744

Here's a cute Bugs Bunny costume available from Vogue Vixens (Child Size) and Find Crafty Patterns (Adult Size.)

With as popular as Bugs Bunny has been over the years, surprisingly I couldn't find any costume patterns dating back further than the 1970s.  Maybe WB wasn't as liberal as Disney about licensing their characters... or maybe Bugs and his friends are too difficult for a home seamstress?

Butterick 6348

Via the Vintage Pattern Wiki comes this 1970s Bugs Bunny costume.  It seems Butterick has kept the Looney Tunes / WB license consistently over the years.

Butterick 5044

Apologies for the picture quality... apparently this pattern of Bugs and Lola(?) bunny is a little hard to find.   The image is from an unknown source.

Okay, that's all the Bugs Bunny costumes I could find... let's check out some other characters!

Find Crafty Patterns also has these two Sylvester and Tweety Bird costumes in stock, Butterick 5043 (Kids) and McCall's 2745 (Adult.)

Also available at Lonestar Blondie and Rose's Pattern Treasury.

Via the Vintage Pattern Wiki are two more Tweety (Butterick 6350) and Sylvester (Butterick 6349) costume patterns.. I think the sneakers and human hands are a little weird, personally.

McCall's 2746

McCall's 2746 is this pretty bizarre-looking Porky & Petunia Pig pattern, available at Pattern Matters.

McCall's 2747

Pitter Pattern Place has this Daffy Duck or Roadrunner costume in stock.  At least they added feet.

And surprisingly... that's all I could find!
I was really surprised, actually.. that there aren't more licensed WB cartoon costumes out there.

I would think some other characters like Marvin Martian, Tasmanian Devil and Pepe Le Pew... as well as characters like Elmer Fudd, or characters from Tiny Toon Adventures would make really good costume patterns... but I couldn't find any more.

Do you know of any I missed?  Which one is your favorite?

Please let me know!  Stay tuned for more Cartoon Costume Features.


  1. I have at least 3 of these in my pile to list! Fun post. :)

  2. The cartoon characters are so cute - enjoyed the Bugs costumes the most -

  3. Bugs would be perfect for the cold October in Ontario. And pretty cute too!

  4. Many many years ago I made Butterick 6350 Tweety. It was the.first and only attempt at making a Halloween costume. After that I improvised or purchased something. Nevertheless I wish I still had the pattern. All the WB patterns have wonderful detail.

  5. Cute costumes and this is the time of each to list them!

  6. Well, I have Daisy Duck listed...I may be a weirdo, but there is something about these costumes that I find every so slightly...odd. Cute blog post, though! So nice to see costumes that aren't all about the reveal...