Monday, July 27, 2015

McCall's Fashion Digest - July 1960 - $5 or Under Fashions

McCall's Fashion Digest - July 1960
$5 Fashions

Today we'll take a look at McCall's Fashion Digest from July 1960.  This pamphlet featured patterns that could be made for $5 or less.  Wow!  Let's look inside.

The cover's pretty boring.

Here we have McCall's 5471... can you believe you could make this for only $4.50?

Here are some similar patterns from Pattern Patter Team Members:

1.)  Grey Dog Vintage - Simplicity 3796
2.)  Vogue Vixens - McCall's 6225
3.)  Pretty Pattern Shop - Simplicity 2627

Here is McCall's 5470, a slim shirtwaist you could make for only $3.25!

Here are some similar patterns from the Pattern Patter Team!
1.)  Crafty Paneen - Butterick 9971
2.)  Sandritocat - Simplicity 5037
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How about this nice blouson dress that could be made for $3.50 in 3 hours?   VERY EASY.  Of course, fabric used to be 96 cents a yard...

Here are similar patterns from Pattern Patter Team Members.

1.)  Erika With A K Vintage - Vogue 9584
2.)  Fragolina - Advance 8895
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A simple sheath was even cheaper to make at only $2.70 when made out of 89 cents a yard fabric!

Here are some similar patterns from Pattern Patter Team members:

1.)  Pattern Shop - Simplicity 7010
2.)  Bluetree Sewing Studio - Simplicity 4518
3.)  Redcurlz's Patterns - Butterick 8213

These economical sheaths are super stylish!  You could still wear these today and knock 'em dead.

Laguna Lane has McCall's 5468 in stock!

5490 has a contrast waist band that helps the waist look smaller.  5465 has sleeve interest.

More similar patterns from team members:

1.) Rose Corners - Butterick 2137
2.)  Clutterina's Shop - Simplicity 4804
3.)  Frisky Scissors - Simplicity 1993

I love love LOVE 5431.. what a beautiful sundress!  If you love it too, team member Violet Crown Emporium has it in stock.

Some more similar shirtwaists from Pattern Patter Team Members:

1.)  Laguna Lane - McCall's 6262
2.)  Sydcam123 - Simplicity 4182
3.)  Pattern Matters - Simplicity 1683

The drop-waistline seen in 5445 was really popular in 1960.  All the pattern companies had it prominently featured.  It didn't last very long though!

Some similar patterns featuring the low waistline / skirt yoke:

1.)  Frisky Scissors - Vogue 8489
2.)   Keepsakes Studio - Simplicity 1086

The last page features even more dressy looks that cost less than $3 bucks in 1960 money!

The back cover features McCall's 5486.

I hope you enjoyed this look at McCall's July 1960!  Please comment about which one you like best!

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  1. My sister and I were just having a conversation about the changes in the cost of sewing clothes since we were kids. Great article - love the 1960 fashions!

  2. Wonderful article - takes me back to my grandmother complaining about paying $.50 a yard for fabric. Love all those sheath dresses!

  3. These dresses can be worn today, especially the sheaths. (But not for 1960 prices, sadly)

  4. These McCalls patterns are still older than me,
    but only just !
    Love the introduction of the proportioned sizing !
    Great article !

  5. Love these! These styles always look so much more elegant and stylish to me than we do today!

  6. The first few patterns are so classic! I'd love it if fabric was so affordable today. Thanks for posting this!

  7. Nothing says classic and classy like a sheath dress. Just flashed back to Jackie Kennedy and Sofia Lauren and their iconic looks.