Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Looks From McCall's Fashion Digest - May 1967

Let's take a trip back to the Summer of Love with McCall's May Fashion Digest from 1967.  It's totally groovy~

I love that floral print!

On the cover is a super-cute yoked tent dress.. with nice big pockets if you want 'em... I really love this style... you could color block it too for extra 60s style!

Here's some similar patterns from Pattern Patter Team members:

Check those skinny pants!  Somebody call Twiggy!

WOW look at all these pants!  From long 'n' skinny to culottes, to that flare leg bell-bottom with sassy bared midriff.

Pattern Patter Team shops offer many of these patterns!

McCall's 8767:

Similar to McCall's 8751:

Similar to 8754:

Similar to 8575 / 8732:

Similar 8741:

I like the dress on the right best.

Now here's the "Pucci-Look" wardrobe... designed by McCall's "in the style of" Pucci.. who was SUPER hot at the time.  You could buy fabrics that were Pucci style and get the expensive look for much less money when you made it yourself. :)

Here are some ACTUAL Pucci patterns from Pattern Patter Team members:

Don't get your pants caught in an escalator!

WOW there is so much going on here.  The tiered dress is so cute, and the hooded caftan cover-up thing is out of control.  The illustrations are beautiful!  View 8736 also includes a full-length caftan which is not pictured.

Here's some similar caftan patterns from the Pattern Patter Team:

Pattern Patter Team member Fripperie has McCall's 8761 in stock for your sewing pleasure.

Pattern Patter Team members have 8738 in stock too!  It includes an awesome bikini which is not pictured in the catalog.

Mini-dresses for minis and Mod'ern moms.

Who couldn't love these sweet Mother-Daughter mini-dresses?  Just coz you're a mom doesn't mean you can't be MOD! :)

Team members have the mom version in stock:

1.) Anne 8865

Some similar children's dresses:

Love those back buttons!
McCall's 8757 is advertised as a new French "baby-look" silhouette.  I like the buttons down the back.

Tent dress with sleeves!

Some similar tent dresses from Pattern Patter Team members:

I hope you enjoyed this look at McCall's May 1967!  Please be sure to visit all the Pattern Patter Team member shops!

Also, consider sewing one of these neat patterns for yourself this summer!


  1. These bring back some fun memories. Thank you for posting. Love the Pucci style.

  2. Such simple lines make wonderful easy to wear fashions.
    Great article and yes it does bring back memories....
    I loved my cheesecloth tent dress with red embroidered flowers !

  3. Tent dresses and bell bottoms -- boy do I remember those! Love that cute baby dress too! Great article!

  4. I love the styles, especially the bell bottoms! Thank you for posting!

  5. I adore the artwork...super cool!

  6. Totally enjoyed the flash back to the 60's bright colours.