Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Looks From Vogue News - July 1, 1960 - 55 Years Ago Today!

I happened to have a Vogue News flyer that was dated to the day... July 1, 1960.. 55 years ago today!

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the looks from that wonderful year.

I really love the collar on this dress.

The cover featured Vogue 5052, with an interesting collar and flower decoration at the waist.

The pleated skirt is so cute!  And check out the "new lowered waistline."

Pretty suits were shown on the first page.

That's an interesting hat you've got there, Donna.

Half-Size patterns were featured on page 3.

I'm in love with Vogue 4126!

The descriptions and copy for page 4 are killer!  Be sure to read it all.  I especially like the sound of "gentle-mannered sheatherie"  (See following page for the picture)

I admit, I didn't know what a "redingote" was, so I looked it up... it's a type of coat, so in this case it refers to the wrap dress over the sheath.

Pretty and cool Vogue 5049, top left, is seen here in Found Alchemy Pattern's shop.

Versatile Vogue 5044 is seen here in The Pattern Shopp.

The drop waistline is seen again in Vogue 5050.

Descriptions for these are seen on the previous page.

These are really hard to find patterns, and I can see why!  Very classy!

Ultra-rare Paris Original patterns featured on page 5.

True elegance seen in Vogue 1002.

More rare Couturier Design patterns on the final page.

Here are some similar patterns from Pattern Patter Team shops.

Be sure to check out ALL the additional cool vintage 1960s Vogue patterns from the Pattern Patter Team!


  1. Loved seeing the new styles. My mother only used Vogue patterns to make her clothes and was always so well-dressed. Gorgeous dresses.

    1. Vogue is sought-after for a reason! The style and up-to-the minute looks as well as the quality set them apart. (maybe the price, too!)

  2. Vogue patterns are always stunning. My mother also loved vogue patterns.
    Great article !

  3. The '60s was the decade when fashion began to get casual---it's when I started wearing nice dress pants to church on Sunday. Prior to that I would have been seen as a heretic.
    Nevertheless, I always appreciated pretty frocks like those featured here. In fact I wish more women still dressed like this---including me.

    1. When you get used to wearing a dress every day, suddenly casual clothes feel strange.. but for me it's not hard to switch back to habit of dressing casually in "slouchin' around" clothes! I guess I'm glad I live in a time where almost anything goes, but I do wish people got very dressed up a little more often. :) (Gloves and hats, please!)

  4. Love these pattern booklets! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I LOVE this style of clothing. I was born in 1954 and my Mom and Aunts all dressed like this!