Monday, August 3, 2015

Looks from Advance Fashion News - August 1960

Today we're going back to August 1960, to see the beautiful fashions from Advance!  As you may know, Advance patterns were JC Penney's house-brand pattern, several department stores had their own sewing pattern lines.  (For example, Sears had Fairloom/Superior, but that's another story. :)

I especially love the monochromatic look of this pattern flier!  The mother-daughter dresses on the cover are oh-so-cute.

And what is more summery than a cute tiered skirt?  Here are some similar patterns from the Pattern Patter Team:

1.)  Advance 6758 from Jeanie's Shop
2.)  McCall's 9406 from Violet Crown Emporium
3.)  Advance 8989 from Vintage Needle Finds

The inside features another mother-daughter dress pattern.  I love them so much!

Some similar pretty sundresses from the Pattern Patter Team

1.)  Advance 9806 from Bluetree Sewing Studio
2.)  Simplicity 3877 from Sydcam 123
3.)  McCall's 9378 from Sandritocat

These insanely adorable girls dresses on page 3 are so sweet, they'll make your teeth hurt!!

9435 is available at Denisecraft, with one of the cutest envelope illustrations I've ever seen!

Some more adorable and similar patterns from the Pattern Patter Team:

1.)  Mail Order 1411 from All The Precious Things
2.)  Simplicity 4416 from Selvedge Shop
3.)  Simplicity 1706 from Grandma Made With Love

Dirndl skirts are all the rage!  And oh-so-pretty!  How about some similar patterns from the Pattern Patter Team?

1.)  Butterick 5834 from Erika with a K
2.)  Advance 9386 from Fancywork
3.)  Simplicity 4469 from Frisky Scissors

Or how about a "Chic Shirtwaist?"  A must for any girl's wardrobe!

Similar patterns from the Pattern Patter Team:

1.)  Simplicity 2622 from Clutterina's Shop
2.)  Simplicity 4326 from Rose Corners
3.)  Simplicity 2627 from Retroactive Future

I love the button trim!

Some similar patterns:

1.)  Simplicity 3306 from Pretty Pattern Shop
2.)  McCall's 5507 from Pengy Patterns
3.)  Advance 8713 from Vienna's Grace

The illustrations are so carefree and simple.  I really love them.  I wish we could know who illustrated these.

1.)  Advance 5627 from Sandritocat
2.)  Simplicity 2496 from Sew As It Was Patterns
3.)  McCall's 4584 from So Vintage

Closing with a an add for Penny's fabrics, and a suggestion for a dress to use!  Advance 9447 is available at Bluetree Sewing Studio.

All of these patterns are VERY HARD TO FIND.  So if you have one, consider yourself lucky!

Also be sure to check out these other great Advance patterns from Pattern Patter Team member shops!

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  1. Another fantastic post, I loved this little trip back to 1960s, wish I had all those patterns!

  2. Love the low back styles. Enjoyed seeing the Mother-Daughter patterns, too. I often think Advance patterns are under-rated: this shows they had some really cute designs.

  3. Great job matching styles! I love these leaflets. I hope you have more to share. :)

  4. Wonderful article - so nice to see the vintage leaflets!

  5. I love the look of full skirts to hide my "full" hips!

  6. Cute cute...I love Advance patterns (and their envelope artwork!).

  7. Another great blog post....thank you so much
    Advance really did have some great patterns, love them !

  8. These bring back some fond memories, especially the full skirts and shirtwaists! Great post!

  9. Definitely what I wore in the 60's.
    Even though I loved 'The Mamas and the Papa's" music I never embraced the Hippie culture when it came to fashion.