Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Vintage Summer Swimwear from the Pattern Patter Team

It's not too late to make a swimsuit for summer fun!  How about a quick look at some swimwear patterns from the Pattern Patter Team?  Better pick them up quick... Summer's over before you know it, and swimsuit patterns sell in a flash!

Row 1:  Simplicity 9321 @ Atomic Regeneration; Butterick 3179 @ DejaVu Patterns; Butterick 3078 @ Fancywork
Row 2:  McCall's 4063 @ Frisky Scissors; Vogue 8864 @ Sydcam 123; Simplicity 8804 @ Sew Betty and Dot
Row 3:  Simplicity 3234 @ Grey Dog Vintage; New York 1617 @ Sew Vintage; Vogue 6175 @ Selvedge Shop

Row 1:  Simplicity 8199 @ Redcurlz Patterns; McCall's 6370 @ Fragolina; Advance 3904 @ Sandritocat
Row 2:  McCall's 6860 @ Roma's Maison; Simplicity 8795 @ Clutterina's Shop; Advance 5099 @ Sew Betty and Dot
Row 3:  Simplicity 1607 @ Sydcam 123; Style 4633 @ Sew As It Was Patterns; Simplicity 1302 @ Vintage Needle Finds

Row 1: Simplicity 4624 @ Bluetree Sewing Studio; Butterick 4868 @ Lady Diamond; Kwik Sew 173 @ Patterns New 2 U
Row 2:  McCall's 6372 @ Sydcam 123; McCall's 6541 @ Clutterina's Shop; Simplicity 8028 @ Vogues Vixens
Row 3:  Kwik Sew 652 @ Sew Betty and Dot; Vogue 9484 So Vintage; McCall's 9295 @ Sew Vintage

Later we'll do a quick focus on kids' swimwear!

Which one is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments.

That's all for now as summer chores are calling my name!


  1. I love all the variety here! It's time for a day at the lake. :)

  2. Love those 40s styles! It's going to be near 100 here - heading to the water this week:)

  3. If only it was Summer here : (
    It just gives me more time to get ready for the splash !!
    Fantastic collections of swimwear !!!

  4. My favorite is Simplicity 1607. I like the princess seams...the coverup jacket and the bias trim on both.
    I've always shunned the water and enjoyed vegging out under a big umbrella with a good book.

  5. Having a hot tub in the backyard to exercise in is great ..... but I use about two suits a day.

  6. They are ALL super cool! I wish I had the shape I used to have!

  7. Wow, hard to choose! Simplicity 1302 with that Bali Hai look is calling me...

  8. I'm not much of a sewer, so it has always seemed that making my own swimwear would be risky at best! Love the variety of styles!

  9. Too much variety, I want them all!