Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pattern Patter Team - DIY Gifts For Her

DIY Gifts For Her

It's not too late to stitch up a special DIY gift for her, if you get started soon!  The Pattern Patter team is here to help you, and here's what lovely things we have to suggest. :)

Simplicity 1810

Here's a lovely "Beginner's Pac-of-Presents" pattern from the 1950s, which is easy enough for almost any budding stitcher or seamstress!  Simple hats, slippers, aprons, bags, and a cummerbund belt are very nice gifts, don't you think?  In stock at Erika With A K.

Simplicity 1802
With this lovely pattern, in stock at Paneen Jerez, you can make not only a handbag, a scarf, a pin cushion, a jewelry roll, and a lingerie bag, but also a cute and cheerful stocking to stuff it all in!

Favorite Things Pattern Designs 045
Who wouldn't want a nice warm pair of slippers... regular kind or sweet animal versions?  You can make them with a pattern from Sew Betty and Dot.

McCall's 6355
A whole heap of gifts are at your DIY command with this awesome pattern from The Granny Squared.  You can make pillows, picture frames, bible covers, pin cushions, and so much more.

McCall's 4182

Who wouldn't like these snuggly fleece accessories?  Great quick and easy gift for your fashionable friends.  From Keepsakes Studio

Simplicity 4005
Or who wouldn't love a beautiful homemade robe like these?  So perfect for Christmas! Via Clutterina.

Vogue 1753
Here's some lovely things you can make!  Sachets, a yarn bag, a lovely apron, padded hangers, and more!  From Cloe's Closet.

Parade Pattern Design 569

How about these warm and beautiful quilted slippers for your favorite lady?  Grandma or auntie would love these, I'm sure. :)  You can get the pattern at Sydcam 123.

Here's lots of novelty gifts for mom, dad, and kids too!  In this crochet and knit pattern you can download instantly at DRC Rose Patterns.

McCall's 6559

Or how about these adorable elf-like slipper shoes?  Make them up in some Christmas colors. :)  Violet Crown Emporium has it waiting for you.

Simplicity 9644
Or for the more boho girl, how about these cool 1970s accessories?  Hats, belts, and bags from Erika With A K.

McCall's 4987
More snug accessories in this pattern from Lonestar Blondie.

Simplicity 4195
Give real vintage style with this beautiful hat, collar, bag, and dickey pattern from Pattern and Stitch.

Simplicity 2173
More vintage flair with gloves, hats, and bags with this pattern from Grey Dog Vintage.

Simplicity 4711

How about a muff, scarf, hat, and clutch bag?   Coordinated gifts for coordinated ladies! Pretty Pattern Shop.

Simplicity 4316

Gifts for Girl and Girl's Best Friend with these matching gal and dog accessories!  Ah!  So cute!  You can get yours at Purple Plaid Penguin.

Vogue 7648

Dramatic designer headwear from Aldolfo and Vogue available at MbChills.

Phyllis C-157

Or how about an elegant and cozy shawl made with love?  From Pattern Memories.

Simplicity 2438
If you know someone who likes using Wii Fit, why not get them this awesome little set of Wii Fit accessories?  Really cute and unique.  Lady Diamond 46's got it!

Coats & Clark No. 163

Or lovely gloves, mittens, socks and hats you can knit?  From Fragolina.

Well, that's about it for now!  I know you can find lots more patterns suitable for gift-giving!

Be sure to check out all the patterns "for her" from The Pattern Patter Team on Etsy!

Happy Giving!  Happy Sewing!


  1. what excellent ideas! something for everyone on our list. Love the slippers from VioletCrown:)

  2. Fabulous assortment! The scarves and matching doggie coats are just adorable!

  3. The gifts that keep on giving!
    Love the hats!