Monday, December 21, 2015

Looks from Advance, December 1937

Advance Patterns: December 1937

The holidays are upon us, and as a little treat... here's some looks from Advance from December 1937 for your stocking!  I hope you will enjoy this look at these rare patterns from the past.

Advance 1921, Advance 1929
On the cover we have these sharp and very military looks!  Maybe a little odd for Christmas time?  

Advance 1919

Here Advance touts their patterns for every occasion, from business to frilly, and features an interesting frock in Advance 1919 with what looks like starfish on the bottom.

Advance 1917; 1920; 1926; 1918

How about these stunning numbers?  Pretty elegant, and really classy!

Advance 1928; 1934; 1924

The long jacket is an interesting look, don't you think?

Advance 1924; 1932; 1933; 1930

Wow, these super-fitted dresses with all that ruching are really neato.

Advance 1150; 1617; 1419; 2011

"Last minute Christmas gifts, easily made!"  ... they seem to have more confidence in my last minute sewing abilities than I do. :)  Very sweet little girls' dress and coat, don't you think?  Not for a girl but for her dolly!  Oh, any doll would just love it.

Advance 1916; 1931; 1923; 1927; 1925

A lovely selection of dresses for girls and young ladies!

Advance 1922; 1921; 1929
On the back cover we have more businesslike looks and see that this brochure was from Mullen's in Nashua, N.H.


I hope you enjoyed this look at December 1937!  Here are some 1930s Advance patterns from team members.  Please check them out!

Row 1:) 
Advance 1804; Denisecraft, Advance 1154; Vintage Needle Finds, Advance 2496; Bluetree Sewing Studio
Row 2:) 
Advance 967; DRC Rose Patterns, Advance 5000; She'll Make You Flip, Advance 9711; Sandritocat
Row 3:) 
Advance 1975; So Sew Some, Advance 2871; Fancywork, Advance 897; Vintage Needle Finds


  1. I'm swooning over that starfish dress...and several others.

  2. I love these styles and this decade!

  3. Humphrey Bogart....Ingred Bergman....Casablanca ?
    Is it only me who gets transported back to that movie seeing these
    designs ? Fabulous collection Nessa !!

  4. Be still my heart! Love the 1930's and Advance has so many beautiful styles, elegant and feminine!

  5. Gorgeous patterns - if I had to select just one, it would be Advance 1933. That shirring is so elegant - really sets this dress apart. Could be a day or evening go-to.

  6. Those dresses look so flattering!

  7. I'm a fan of Advance 1932. Lovely.