Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year Party!!

With the New Year fast approaching, I thought we might look at some fun party, cocktail, and evening dresses through the ages!!  You really can't be too well dressed when you ring in the New Year.  Right? :)  Want to see how ladies have celebrated through the years?  Yes?


Let's get started:

The 1930s

Dreamlike 1930s
The 1930s featured a lot of puffed shoulders and random shirring.

1.)  Hollywood 1160 @ Fancywork
2.)  McCall 3406 @ DRC Rose Patterns
3.)  New York 966 @ Grey Dog Vintage
4.)  Simplicity 3128 @ She'll Make You Flip


The 1940s

Chic 1940s

The 1940s were all about asymmetry, as you can see by just these 4 choices from our team!

1.)  Simplicity 2094 @ Sydcam 123
2.)  McCall 7142 @ DRC Rose Patterns
3.)  McCall 6598 @ Redcurlz's
4.)  McCall 7604 @  So Vintage on Etsy


The 1950s

Stunning 1950s
These stunningly sexy 1950s dresses would be sure to knock 'em dead at any party!

1.)  Simplicity 1833 @ Floradora Presents
2.)  McCall's 3297 @ People Packages
3.)  McCall's 3992 @ So Vintage on Etsy
4.)  Vogue 4977 @ Vintage Needle Finds


The 1960s

Dramatic 1960s
No less dramatic are these dresses from the 1960s... Who wouldn't want one?

1.)  Simplicity 5703 @ Fragolina
2.)  Vogue 5480 @ Selvedge Shop
3.)  Weigels 2502 @ Sew As It Was Patterns
4.)  Simplicity 3717 @ Bluetree Sewing Studio


The 1970s

Comfortable 1970s
The 1970s were about being comfortable while still looking great!  You could dance the night away under that disco ball in these!

1.)  Butterick 6700 @ Grandma Made With Love
2.)  Vogue 1318 @ Cloe's Closet
3.)  Vogue 9063 @ Mbchills
4.)  McCall's 3396 @Erika With A K


The 1980s

Over-the-Top 80s

Big glamour was back in a big way in the 80s.  A proliferation of bows, ruffles, gathers, crinolines and asymmetry were again back in style.  Everything feminine in the last 50 years of fashion got thrown together into a whole new style!

1.)  Simplicity 8309 @ Retroactive Future
2.)  Vogue 9893 @ Fragolina
3.)  Vogue 1623 @ Clutterina's Shop
4.)  Simplicity 7842 @ Vogue Vixens


Is everybody ready to ring in the New Year, now?

What will you be wearing?  I'll probably be wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and lounge pants, to be honest, but maybe one day I'll go to a party chic enough to wear one of these! :)

Happy New Year!


  1. Thank You Nessa for a wonderful collection of party wear! Happy New Year to everyone and if you have a party in mind, this is a way to make heads turn!

  2. What a delicious feast of eye candy.
    Thanks for this holiday treat.

  3. Super choices - all so lovely. I enjoy seeing the changes from decade to decade. Happy New Year.

  4. Beautiful outfits.....I'm bringing in the New Year in my pajamas!