Monday, December 14, 2015

Looks From Vogue - December 1962!

As a little holiday treat.. how about some looks from Vogue... December 1962!   These sweet looks are sure to please!

Look at the cute cover design with whimsical holiday ornaments and Big Ben & the Eiffel Tower. :) Also, rather difficult to see on the cover is Vogue Paris Original 1200 by Pierre Cardin.

Vogue 5752, 5751, 5753, 5754

Easy elegance in these lovely fashions!  Which one do you like best?  So Vintage On Etsy  has Vogue 5753 in stock.. it's a super-classy dress!  Here's some more similar patterns from the Pattern Patter Team:

1.)  Vogue 6162; Violet Crown Emporium
2.)  Vogue 6885; Mbchills
3.)  Vogue 5905; Retroactive Future

Vogue 1197, Vogue 1195

Here's super-chic designer looks from John Cavanagh and Nina Ricci!  That hood is something else!!
So Vintage on Etsy has Vogue 1195 in stock and it is a beauuuuty!  Wow wheee!

Here's some looks from the same designers:

1.)  Vogue 1501 by Nina Ricci; Redcurlzs
2.)  Vogue 1331 by John Cavanagh; Fragolina
3.)  Vogue 1192 by John Cavanagh; Sew As It Was Patterns

Vogue 1199, 5647, 1196

Here Vogue offers your whole holiday wardrobe... designer, of course!  On the left by Jacques Griffe, in the middle, "Easy to Make", and on the right by Jacques Heim.  Rare patterns for sure!  You can see how fashion-forward Vogue was.. already giving us a hint of "Mod" in 1962.

Here's some fashions from the same designers:

1.)  Vogue 1232; Griffe; So Sew Some
2.)  Vogue 1574; Heim; So Vintage on Etsy
3.)  Vogue 1497; Griffe; Grey Dog Vintage
4.)  Vogue 1427; Heim; Purple Plaid Penguin

Vogue 1198, 1194

More class than you can shake a stick at with these looks from Ronald Paterson of England and Pierre Cardin.

Some looks from the same designers:

1.)  Vogue 1391; Paterson; Sew As It Was Patterns
2.)  Vogue 1142; Cardin; Whatnot Gems
3.)  Vogue 1410; Paterson; So Vintage on Etsy
4.)  Vogue 2075; Cardin; Erika With A K

Vogue 5758; 5759; 5756

More easy-sew elegance!  Here's some similar patterns from our team.

1.)  Vogue 9615; Fancywork
2.)  Vogue 5972; Frisky Scissors
3.)  Vogue 5542; Sydcam 123
4.)  Vogue 5612; Sandritocat

Vogue 5755
Another amazing hooded number, Vogue says it has "flapper" style, "great for campus or country."  Great for anything, if you ask me!

More cool outfits with hoods from the team:

1.)  Vogue 8154; Mbchills
2.)  Vogue 5853; So Vintage On Etsy
3.)  Vogue 5483; Fragolina
4.)  Simplicity 4932; Redcurlzs

Vogue 5757

On the back cover, Vogue suggests brocade for your holiday parties!

Well, that's about all for now!  Don't you like the cute illustrations?


  1. Love these patterns, especially the one by Nina Ricci. The illustrations are great.

  2. Gorgeous patterns from awesome designers!

  3. Lovely patterns, I would like one of each, please:)
    I especially love the hooded ones -

  4. Love these blogs....highlights what was current in fashion in a snapshot.
    1962 .... a great year.... but I am biased !
    Keep them coming Nessa !

  5. I think I like the hooded also, wonderful article!

  6. How interesting and beautiful! Love all the selections! Thanks so much for taking the time to create this informative post!