Sunday, January 24, 2016


I don't know about everyone out there... but I'm currently stuck inside for a while due to a whopping 21 inches of snow dumped by Winter Storm Jonas!   Looking out at all snowy weather got me thinking about winter sewing patterns.

When bundling up for the chilly weather, why not be unique?  Why not try a fashionable cape? :)

They're very in this season and the Pattern Patter Team has a large variety you can choose from.  Timeless in style, any era of pattern can be used today and still look up-to-the-minute.

And of course, when stuck inside... it's always the best time for sewing!

Let's see what we can find.

Vogue 7891
Cloe's Closet has this truly elegant cape in stock!  In the long or short version, suitable for the most dressy affair.  Not going to the opera or theatre?  Why not dress like it anyway? :)

Vogue 9091
This one, from Roma's Maison is really something special.  You can have a beautiful cape that matches your professional ensemble.  Take off your cape for a lovely office look.  Sure to have your co-workers buzzing.  (Also in stock at Linda Kay Designs and Redcurlzs)

New Look 6658

For a more modern look, how about this neat cape-and-hat combo from DRCRose Patterns?  It also includes a scarf and a handbag... pretty great gift ideas.  Looks sharp!

Simplicity 9211
Another fabulous coordinating ensemble is here from So Sew Some.  Make it with a skirt or pants.. it still looks stylish and will keep you warm.  (Also in stock at Find Crafty Patterns.)

Vogue 9048
Holy elegance!  This gown-and-cape combo from Eleanor Meriwether is certainly perfect for your most dressy affair.  You could wear it to the Oscars, no kidding!

McCall 7179
And speaking of vintage elegance, this cape is sure to be warm and dressy.  What a stunning pattern! From So Vintage on Etsy.

Simplicity 5199
This cape from Laguna Lane is certainly a fancy affair.  The hooded version might be just perfect for your Steampunk or Renaissance Fair look.

McCall's 7895
Many varieties of capes you can make in a jiffy with this 2-Hour pattern from Magnolia's Sewing Basket.  From sportier to elegant.  (Also in stock at Cloe's Closet.)

Simplicity 6635
As a pattern collector, sometimes I think Simplicity's E.S.P. (Extra Sure Patterns) line is a little.. I don't know.. boring?  But this pattern is anything but!  One of the nicest E.S.P. designs I've seen, and you can buy it at Neverwares.  (Also available at Find Crafty Patterns.)

Butterick 5987
Very dramatic and also good for your cosplay, steampunk or renaissance fair creation is this pattern from The Granny Squared.   I love a hooded cape!

Simplicity 6630
And here's another hooded cape, and this one is reversible!  Two outfits in one!  Get it at Sandritocat.

Vogue 2231
Holy moly!  If you want to look REALLY stylish, how about this classy number from Pucci?!  A rare pattern, in stock at Fragolina.  (Also in stock at MBChills and Fancywork)

Floradora Presents has this very unusual (and rare!) 1930s cape pattern from Butterick.  The sleek lines and dramatic tailoring are a real treat.

Tailor's Guide Co.
This special pattern is made for reenactment and costume purposes, but is perfect for keeping you warm this winter!  At Vintage Needle Finds.

Butterick 3041

Don't forget the little ones!!  This cute girls' cape is perfect for keeping warm or a Little Red Riding Hood costume. :)  At Find Crafty Patterns.  

McCall's 4550
Also, don't forget the guys!  You'd have to be a pretty classy dude to wear this out this winter, but I have faith you're out there somewhere!  Of course, also great for your cosplay and costuming pleasure. :)   From Retroactive Future.

Simplicity 8386
Oh!  And don't forget your dog!!!  A matching cape and dog-coat combo is really darn cute!  At Clutterina

Simplicity 9226
Here's an easy pattern that is also reversible!  How cute and fun.  Designed for teens/juniors, but wearable by adults, too!  At Knightcloth.  (Also in stock at We Are Vintage Sewing),

Vogue 2402
OH WOW, this unbelievable Sybil Connolly designer pattern is in stock at Kinsey Sue.  It also comes with the hat and dress.  Totally Carnaby Street, but totally perfect for anyone's stylish, retro wardrobe.  

McCall's 3966
I love this (also reversible) cape pattern from MBChills!  It is a Halston Original, and I love the dog on the envelope, too.

That's about all for now!  Do you have a cape?  I wore them in high school to be cool, or something. (I wasn't really cool at in the least, but capes are still cool.)  Maybe I'll give them another try.  They are pretty glamorous if you ask me.  (They don't spoil your outfit!)

Please check out ALL the great cape patterns from the 


  1. Love the capes! I was just sharing with others the resurgence of capes. I have been making sure to keep those patterns stocked in my shop.

  2. Great selection of capes to choose the McCall elegant !

  3. Here is Texas a cape is all I need most of the Winter.

  4. Beginning to see more and more being worn, love them!

  5. Beginning to see more and more being worn, love them!

  6. Beautiful capes... it would be hard to choose just one! Thanks for including mine!

  7. Amazing collection of capes. My son (lead guitarist and singer in a metal band) would so rock the men's cape on stage--or maybe to a homeschool event just to make waves, it's a 16 year old thing.

  8. I recently bought a cape for Christmas and I've never in my life gotten so many complements.

  9. Such a wonderful look for winter! Great collection!

  10. Oh Rats. I gushed over one featured but when I went to purchase it found it too small for my bod.
    These are just the coolest. Thanks for the attention brought to these garments just now when they're a fashion rage.

  11. Love a cape - I used to wear one with a hood when I had recess duty - very warm, practical, and stylish. Thank you for featuring one of my patterns in this stylish blog.