Sunday, January 17, 2016

Valentine DIY with The Pattern Patter Team

I know it's still January, but if you want to make a DIY Valentine's Day gift you had better get started right away!

Let's see what beautiful Valentine's Day things you can make with lovely patterns from the Pattern Patter Team!

Simplicity 1394
These cute 1950s pillow covers from Roma's Maison would make a cute Valentine's gift!  The dancing poodles and hearts-n'-ribbons are very cute and festive.  And I do love poodles.

Simplicity 8394
This lovely party set  from Vintage Needle Finds would make for a charming Valentine's Day party or special dinner. :)  Many other holidays are included.  Great for a little party for children or seniors, or anyone, really!

Simplicity 7039
This sweet Cupid treat basket would be welcome on a desk or table in an office or waiting room.  Available from Vogue Vixens, and other holidays are also included.  He looks a little cheeky to me.

Butterick 3306

How about a sweet, Valentine-themed party apron from Purple Plaid Penguin?  Other holiday aprons are also included so you can have one for every season. :)  A truly glamorous hostess simply can't be without a seasonal apron!

Advance 2701
Speaking of aprons, here's another cute one from Redcurlzs.  You can also add a heart-shaped pocket.  Of course, almost any apron can be a Valentine's Day apron if you use festive heart-print fabric. :)

Simplicity 1359
Yet another festive and romance-filled apron from The Pattern Source!  The heart-shaped design of the pockets is replicated in the sweetheart design of the bib.  Bake up some special Valentine Treats?

McCall's 3039
A festive gift idea is this romantic bear with bow-tie and heart.  Yes, you can get a teddy holding a heart almost anywhere.. but one that is homemade is really a special gift.  From Lonestar Blondie.

Heart Pillow
An easy gift you can DIY with this cut-and-stuff pillow from Roma's Maison.

Simplicity 9439
More cute decor and romantic gift ideas with this pattern from Find Crafty Patterns.  There are other holidays included, too.. so you can set a cheerful table any season of the year.

McCall's 9168
A heart-shaped box of candy?  No!  It's a decoration for your front door.  You can get the pattern from Clutterina... other holidays are also included.

McCall's 6259

Or a cute, retro, heart-shaped throw pillow from Vintage Needle Finds?

Creative Circle 1695
Home is where the heart is, with this charming cross-stitch design from Cloe's Closet.  A truly memorable Valentine for someone you love. 

Of course, you can always make a sweet, homemade Valentine with some felt, lace, paper, and glue!

Did you ever make a Valentine's Day gift?  How did it go? :)  Hope you all have a love filled day!



  1. Great blog post! Wonderful gifts for Valentines!

  2. Valentines already! Love the selection and I'm thinking heirloom to hand down with those beautiful aprons!

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  4. Good timing if you want to get that special item made for V-day. The aprons are especially enticing.

  5. Lovely items and it's nice that many of the patterns includes other seasons and holidays -

  6. I love Valentines Day.....Spreading the LOVE

  7. I like all these patterns you have shared here and will definitely go for few of them to decorate my event space nyc that I have hired for my special valentine party. Now I just hope for the planning to go well.

  8. Nothing says love like a handmade Valentine! Very nice collection!

  9. Handmade from the heart. Says it all for Valentine's Day.