Saturday, February 6, 2016

McCall's For February!

This booklet from McCall's isn't dated, but I'm assuming it is from the late 60s or very early 70s.  Let's see what fashion looks are waiting for us!

McCall's 9580
This sweet illustration on the cover has touches of Art Nouveau.  Don't you think McCall's 9580 is such an easy and cute outfit to sew?  Great for juniors, even today's juniors!

Some similar looks from teamies:

1.)  McCall's 9398; Redcurlz's
2.)  McCall's 2722; Vintage Needle Finds
3.)  McCall's 3222; Roma's Maison

McCalls 9577; 9604; 9589
Spiffy coats with matching dresses, so gorgeous for the well-together lady!  The princess seaming on some of these is always figure flattering and pretty much eternally stylish.

Some similar looks:

1.)  Spaeda 72060; Retroactive Future
2.)  Vogue 9011; Denisecraft
3.)  Simplicity 5928; Sydcam123

McCall's 9599; 9608; 9572; 9567
Playful, youthful styles are the look this year!  Free and fun looks... again, with a timeless quality if you ask me.

Some similar patterns:

1.)  McCall's 2653; So Vintage on Etsy
2.)  McCall's 3264; Jeanie's Shop
3.)  McCall's 2257; Fancywork

McCall's 9594; 9591; 9560; 9562

More oh-so-cute looks and very sweet.  Easy to make!!

You're in luck, because Redcurlz's has McCall's 9591 in stock right now. :)

Other cute outfits can be had with similar patterns:

1.)  McCall's 4021; Bluetree Sewing Studio
2.)  McCall's 2941; Cloe's Closet
3.)  McCall's 9715; People Packages

McCall's 9571; 9569

Soft dresses with a relaxed air.. comfort and beauty all in one.

Do you like these similar styles?

1.)  Simplicity 9105; Retroactive Future
2.)  Butterick 4430; California Sunset
3.)  Simplicity 7025; Clutterina's Shop

McCall's 9576
How about a cute coatdress?  Dig those interesting lines and seam interest.  Vintage Needle Finds has it in stock, and it comes with a lot of other great pieces including a jacket, dress, and ascot.

McCall's 9581
Running away in style on the back page!  Oh, and I love that blouse with the Grecian-like cording trim wrapped about the bodice.

How about some similar pants for your exiting in style?

1.)  Simplicity 7954; Vogue Vixens
2.)  McCall's 3346; Sew Betty & Dot
3.)  McCall's 9710; Grandma Made With Love

Well, that's all for now!  I hope you are enjoying your February. :)


  1. Great post! I agree that the majority of the styles as just as popular today as they were then!

  2. Love those illustrations! Different from the actual envelopes. I believe this is 1968. Such fun to look at those pattern books.

  3. Thank you for posting this information!

  4. Love it! the styles & the patterns!

  5. Cute and carefree styles, thank you for the article!

  6. I love several of these looks - easy to wear over 40 years later!

  7. I can pull out old photos of myself wearing these fashions.
    Thanks for featuring my Fabiani pattern below.