Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wiggle Wonder

While I don't watch Mad Men you'd have to be a blind sewing blogger not to realize it's influence and I too was bit by the wiggle dress bug last December.

Everyone needs a hot pink corduroy wiggle dress to brighten a winter's day, right?
You can see more pictures of my dress and my construction notes in this blog post.

I used Butterick 7434 and it was a fun experience. You only had to use one pattern piece to make this jumper. All the shaping was done with the darts. I enjoyed this novel experience and learned a new method of construction using this pattern.
Vintage styles like these are great because it is easier to adapt it to our modern ungirdled, uncorseted bodies. Add a tad extra seam allowance to center front and back and take smaller darts and we still have a sleek dress without a bunch of redrafting. It also gives you more wiggle room with the size you buy ;) They are also a super quick make!
So I took a cruise around our Etsy shops to see if I could find anything similar for you all!

1960s Wiggle Dress & Scarf Vintage Sewing Pattern - Simplicity 4634 Size 12 Bust 32
Dress with POCKETS!!
Oh this one does have raglan sleeves but it makes up for it with these pockets and a cute bow belt. I still wonder if I need a belt with mine...

Vogue Dress Pattern No 8561 Vintage 1950s Size 16 Bust 34" Non Printed Sleeveless Wiggle Dress Slim Skirt Wide Collar Reversible Bolero
This Vogue has a fabulous little cropped jacket with it! Anyone daring enough to wear that hat with it?
60s Fitted Sheath Wiggle Dress Sewing Pattern Large Round Collar 34 Bust Size 14 Butterick 2137
Basic or with options.
If you aren't into V necks, this has a lovely round neck with collar options. You can also add sleeves with this pattern.
There are lots of other ways to get that hip hugging wiggle silhouette and you can find them by searching keywords like sheath dress, wiggle dress, pencil skirt or slim skirt. 
Confess now, have you made yourself a wiggle dress? Which pattern did you use?


  1. Lovely job on the dress. It looks fantastic. I also love your pattern choices. My ability to wear a wiggle dress went away after my first born. Now everything wiggles but the dress ;). Another well done post.

  2. This inspires me to get my machine out-dining room table, watch out! I don't think wiggle dresses are for me--unless there's a girdle involved!

  3. Great patterns, and your dress is darling!

  4. Great post Emily! You did a great job on the dress! I'm with Adele Bee Ann!

  5. Love your hot pink dress! The color is so happy that it would brighten any Portland, Oregon wet spring day. Great job!

  6. I love that dress. That pink is radiant, good job Emily!

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    1. Love your pink dress and enjoyed your post Emily!
      Getting a little more inspired now to get sewing and blogging!
      Might have to even try to squeeze myself into a wiggle dress.

  8. Thanks everyone! I'll wear it for those who can't and be an encouragement to the rest of you!

  9. Great job on the dress Emily! Love to see the variations on the classic wiggle!