Friday, May 17, 2013

Infinite Possibility: The Multi Wrap Fashion Trend

By Robin of Pretty Pattern Shop

While fast and fabulous fashion flirted with the wrap dress in the 1950s and 1960s, the 1970s took wrap and go fashion to a whole new level! McCall’s released the Infinite Dress sewing pattern in 1976.
1970s Infinite Convertible Halter Dress- McCalls 5360 Vintage Sewing Pattern - Hip Size 32 - 38 - Sleek & Sexy Evening, Bridal, Formal Prom
 It consists of only one pattern piece, used to make a dress that can be tied on in an infinite number of ways. This dress spawned the multi-wrap craze that resulted in a variety of fashions designed to be creatively wrapped around the body to achieve different results. Butterick introduced the 7 Way Wonder Dress, and Simplicity the Multi Wrap Dress.
Vintage Simplicity 8086 CUT Misses Multi Wrap Empire Gown Sewing Pattern Size 10 - 12
Vintage Seven Way Wonder Dress Butterick 5230 Sewing Pattern--Amazing 1970s Multi Wrap Dress UNCUT
Simplicity and Butterick both also released multi wrap jumpsuits. Simplicity’s Wonder Wrap:
Vintage 1977 Knit Wrap Jumpsuit...Wraps Six Ways...Simplicity 7957 Bust 32.5 UNCUT
Disco 70s Butterick 5363 Multi Wrap Jumpsuit Vintage Sewing Pattern Change About Waist 26.5
Butterick Change About Jumpsuit
Disco 70s Butterick 5362 Multi Wrap Dress or Skirt Vintage Sewing Pattern Change About Halter Sundress Waist 28
Change About Sundress
And just for fun, Vogue’s multi wrap beachy summer ensemble:
Disco 70s Fabulous Very Easy Vogue 2881 Shortcuts Wrap and Tie On Bikini, Halters, Skirts Vintage Sewing Pattern--Bust 31.5
The Simplicity and Butterick dresses had slightly more construction to them and couldn’t quite claim infinite possibility. But the Simplicity wrap dress style endured and resurfaced in 2000 with the similarly constructed Debra Moises Wrap Dress:
Debra Moises Wrap Dress Sewing Pattern New Infinite Dress McCalls 2781 Bust 29 30 31  34 36 38 40

The multi wrap nowadays is part of the convertible clothing trend and remains as popular as when it was first introduced, with fashions like the convertible wedding and bridesmaid dresses taking center stage. 
VINTAGE ORIGIN Infinity Wedding Dress in "Pearl" White
Listing for Dress
Easy, stylish and full of possibility, that’s the way we like it!


  1. Style is still popular in Hawaii and other tropical climates. Pareo is the Hawaiian name for it there. Great for the beach!

    That Wedding dress is amazing!

  2. How fun! I'd forgotten about the multi-wrap dresses. The wedding dress is gorgeous!

  3. These are the best. Wrap and go. Super collection! Yes, that wedding dress is awesome. Great post!

  4. Great selection! And I'll "fourth" it: the wedding dress is fab.

  5. I'm so in love with this style. Wish I was taller, at 5' 3" it's not easy to wear maxi dresses or wide leg pants. Great blog entry!