Monday, November 16, 2015

Let's Do the Twist!

Chubby Checkers’ “The Twist” came out in 1960 and became an international dance craze until The Beatles came out with “Twist and Shout” in 1964. The preferred Twist fashion styles then were still the form-fitting sheath dresses and pencil skirts of the late 50’s, but with a fun, more youthful feel. The little black cocktail dress turned up a lot.

Here are some great little numbers from the Pattern Patter Team.

1. McCall's 6085;  sewbettyanddot
2. McCall's 7245;  DRCRosePatterns
3. McCall's 5658;  CherryCorners
4. Marian Martin 9175;  RebeccasVintageSalon
5. Vogue 4112;  sydcam123
6. McCall's 6571;  Fragolina

Another popular style was pencil or cigarette crop pants with a cute little top.

Check out the plaid crop pants on Jane Mansfield!

Girls still had to wear dresses to school, and pants were considered a little racy, so it was a lot more daring to dance in pants.

Here are some fun patterns if you'd like to make your own "Twist" pants.

 1. Else' of California Precision Pants;  ErikawithaK
 2. McCall's 7248;  ThePatternSource
 3. Simplicity 4487;  pattern memorie
 4. Simplicity 3435;  SelvedgeShop
 5. Simplicity 3703;  Redcurlz
 6. Simplicity 3428;  GrammaMadeWithLove


Full skirt dresses also made a showing, although they were on their way out when "The Twist" was in full swing.

That's Brigitte Bardot in the left photo.

Here are some great full skirt patterns from the early 60's.

1. Simplicity 2646;  Fancywork
2. McCall's 5417;  sandritocat
3. McCall's 5784;  ShellMakeYouFlip
4. Butterick 9563;  SewAsItWasPatterns
5. Advance 3194;  PeoplePackages
6. McCall's 7333;  mbchills

Last, but in no way least, there was beach party "Twist", with girls in the now widely accepted bikinis and enough hairspray to keep that do in place on the outside chance any water touched  it.

Make your own retro bikini with these patterns.

1. Vogue 6490;  BluetreeSewingStudio
2. Simplicity 8785;  Clutterina
3. McCall's 8289;  GreyDogVintage
4. Vogue 6175;  AtomicRegeneration
5. Butterick 3546;  FriskyScissors
6. Simplicity 6547;  RosesPatterTreasury

So, get out those early 60's LP's, put on your dancing shoes (or take your shoes off and wiggle them in the sand), and sew up a wonderful outfit to show off your Twist moves!


  1. What a fun dance wearing big poofy skirts during my college days. I still incorporate twist music in my exercise routine.

    Here's one of my favorite movie scenes from "Pulp Fiction"--John Travolta and Uma Thurman enter a dance contest.

    (Love the blouse Uma is wearing.)

  2. Fun patterns - they bring back some wonderful memories. I remember the girls' restroom so filled with hairspray, one could hardly breathe!

  3. Looking back it was a wild wonder the "oldies" raised a few eyebrows at those moves !
    Fantastic collection of patterns, certainly captures a great snap shot of the era !!