Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Designer Looks from Vogue... November 1960

Vogue November 1960 - Designer Looks

Let's welcome November with some super-classy looks from VOGUE!

Vogue 1543

Here is the lovely Vogue 1543 a designer evening coat and dress combination with ultimate class by the House of PATOU.   Patou himself died young in 1936, so this was designed by one of several in-house designers who took over the fashion line after his death.  The catalog calls that interesting seaming "Sunburst seaming" and the pattern sold for a whopping $5.  What gal wouldn't feel glamorous in this?  It's red-carpet worthy!

Here are some House of Patou patterns from the Pattern Patter Team:

1.)  Vogue 1358 from Wits End Design.
2.)  Vogue 1482 from Grey Dog Vintage
3.)  Vogue 1461 from Sydcam 123

Vogue 1536 and 1535

Here we have Vogue 1536 by SIMONETTA and Vogue 1535 by LANVIN.  The brochure says they're perfect for a night at the theatre... what do you think?  Glamorous indeed!

Simonetta, a designer in her own right (and a duchess, but that's another story) was married to another couture designer, Fabiani.  Of course, Fabiani also had patterns for Vogue and remains incredibly popular!  Lanvin died in the 1940s but her fashion house continued with house designers.

Here are some Simonetta patterns from team members:

1.)  Vogue 1954 from Redcurlz's
2.)   Spaeda S-215 from DRC Rose Patterns
3.)  Vogue 1090 from Sew As It Was Patterns

Here are some Lanvin patterns from team members:

1.)  Vogue 1213 from People Packages
2.)  Vogue 1395 from Purple Plaid Penguin
3.)  Vogue 1602 from Bluetree Sewing Studio

Vogue 1532

Here is Vogue 1532, a classy suit from BALMAIN.  His fashion house was founded in the 1940s and he was called The King of French Fashion.

Here are some Balmain looks from Pattern Patter Team members:

1.)  Vogue 2060 from Erika with a K Vintage
2.)  Vogue 2845 from Pretty Pattern Shop
3.)  Vogue 2827 from Cloe's Closet

Vogue 1540

Look at those fabulous lines!  The designer touch is evident in Vogue 1540, a coat and dress combo from HEIM.

Heim died in 1967 and his fashion house closed shortly later in 1969.  

Here are some Heim fashions:

1.)  Vogue 1919 from Purple Plaid Penguin and Grey Dog Vintage
2.)  Vogue 1427 from Purple Plaid Penguin

Vogue 1542

Vogue 1542 is a 4-piece suit combo from RICCI. Ricci was an Italian designer and passed away in 1970, but her fashion house continues.

Here are some looks from Ricci:

1.)  Vogue 2789 from Retroactive Future
2.)  Vogue 1501 from Redcurlz's
3.)  Vogue 1376 from Mbchills

Vogue 1544

Look at how versatile Vogue 1544 is!  You can wear it as an evening dress, resort dress, or day dress.

Vogue 1545

Vogue 1545 is equally lovely.. with figure-flattering princess seams and 5 variations in one pattern!  This will never go out of style.

Here's some similar patterns!

1.)  McCall's 2031 from Vogue Vixens
2.)  Simplicity 6701 from Pengy Patterns
3.)  Grit 8246 from Fragolina
4.)  Butterick 4795 from Sandritocat

Vogue 6615

On the back cover Vogue 6615 is featured.  A pretty great wrap coat!  Great for your wardrobe then and now.  You can see the slightest hint of the coming "mod" trend in that hat!

Here are some wrap coats you can make right now!

1.)  Simplicity 8854 from Vintage Needle Finds
2.)  Knitting pattern from Pattern Memories
3.)  Vogue 5089 from Erika with a K Vintage


What a beautiful way to waltz into autumn. :)  I hope you'll share!  Let us know what featured designer you like best.


  1. My favorite here is Vogue 1535 by Lanvin. Glamorous and with the not off the rack look.

    1. Yes, and what an unusual neckline as well!

  2. Goodness me - So many of these are drool worthy - but that Patou Dress is STUNNING!

  3. Simple lines but they make up fabulous clothes !
    I really need to read more about these wonderfully creative designers !
    A great read as always Nessa !!!

  4. Wonderful patterns - timeless and elegant. Pure class.

  5. All these fashions remain so clear in my memory. I can't believe 55 years have gone by.
    I wouldn't hesitate to wear any of them today.

  6. Great era for clothes - the styles still feel fresh and contemporary.

  7. Timeless elegance - gorgeous patterns! There is nothing like a Vogue Designer pattern.

  8. Sorry I'm a little late to this party. Was out of town visiting my parents. Love these patterns. Can't beat Vogue.

  9. Sorry I'm a little late to this party. Was out of town visiting my parents. Love these patterns. Can't beat Vogue.