Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Looks from McCall's Fashion Digest, May 1960

Hello everyone!

Here's just a little idea I had to share some pattern mini-catalogs from years past. These cute collectibles often contain illustrations and photographs that weren't seen anywhere else. They are great for seeing what was up-to-the minute in fashion.

Today, we'll look at a McCall's catalog from May of 1960, to celebrate the coming summer.  Breezy and cool dresses are just perfect for the warm weather.  Let's see what we can make!  :)

On the cover, we have a breezy summer sundress that's oh-so-sweet!

McCall's 5415, available at these Pattern Patter Team Shops.
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More pretty, summery looks on the inside!

I just love the full-skirt look.  Sweet like ice cream on a hot day! :)
McCall's 5412 really goes for a formal look.  The tiered skirt in 5405 is really cool.
McCall's 5405 has a neat and unusual tiered skirt.
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Or if you prefer a much more formal slim skirt, try 5412, available in these member shops:
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McCall's 5397 has some really neat seam interest.  More button shoulders in 5399.
More interesting seaming in 5396.  Pretty full skirts seen in 5401 and 5398.  The unusual puffy sleeves featured in 5401 don't really show very well in this illustration.
More shoulder ties are seen in 5377.  Check out those puffy sleeves in 5424!  
Look at the neat removable peplum in McCall's 5425.
A selection of belts that could be used with almost any of the above dresses.
The booklet closes out with a mother-daughter fashion.
I hope you've enjoyed this look at May 1960! I hope it gave you some inspiration for your own sewing project.

These patterns all seem to be pretty rare. If you've made any of them, be sure to comment. Or, just let us know which ones are your favorites. :)

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  1. I think they're all cute 😊 if I had to pick only one that I had to wear tomorrow, I think I would choose the yellow dress #5403. There's something about white trim...

  2. Love these fashions! You're correct - cool and summery and so feminine. Adore the Hannah Troy patterns although my shape is no longer suitable for a sheath dress LOL

  3. In the 60's the fashions were so feminine and fun, love 5425 and the overskirt!

  4. My goodness those are some gorgeous dresses!

  5. Great article ! Love the flared dresses, so pretty !

  6. What a great idea...I love these pamphlets and have hoarded, er, collected a few! The dresses really are lovely!

  7. 5405 has welt pockets on a full skirt. Now that's something you don't see very often.

    1. Thank you for noticing that! It is very unusual.

  8. I have a "few" (hundreds probably) of these! I love them. Great post

  9. Pictures of this dress are really great! I wonder how big the waist circle comes? lol

  10. I would like one of each, please! Thanks so much for sharing this. :)

  11. I swear I was born in the wrong decade! I love all of these!