Monday, January 5, 2015


Mary Beth, RetroMonkeys

I recently wrote a post about de-stashing fabrics. One of my favorite ideas was making fabric twine. So - here's my first try at it. Check it out here:

First I dug through my huge amount of scraps - I have quite a variety of widths and lengths. 
I chose a few to start with and then watched a YouTube Video on how to make it. 

It's actually quite mindless work once you get the hang of it. 

My first sample is tiny. It's trimmings from seam allowances. 

The small is at the bottom of the picture, The red and blue is royal blue Kona Cotton, the red is a lightweight twill. I wouldn't recommend using twill as it frayed a lot. 
The pastel is my personal favorite. It has 5 different fabrics. 

 So - go gather some scraps and tonight after the kids are tucked in and you are winding down, Start twisting!

Here's a couple of tips: tie the two pieces together then take the fabric strip that is the furthest from you and twist it away from you. Next, bring the one you just twisted over the other one. Now the other piece is ready to twist. Twist, bring over and keep doing it holding it tightly.

Once you have an inch or so done, it will stay twisted without your help.

Have fun!


  1. Nice work! Do you plan to display it decoratively on that awesome antique spool, or do you have other crafty plans for it?

    1. No plans yet! I have 4 spools that are all the same size so it would look nice if my sewing room were inhabitable!

    2. They're nice decoratively, especially on those old spools. They'd also make fun sundress straps for the right dress. I bet Anne Weaver over at Craft Gossip would have some ideas!

  2. I'd like it for decorating my sewing room. Several larger spools in an old wicker sewing basket on or near an old treadle machine would look great too. The fabric combinations would be endless. You could match your decor or even change them with the seasons. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Awesome! My cats have pulled the twine off of their cat house and this will be perfect for repairing it, and adding some color. :)

  4. I've got to try this, thank you for the idea!

  5. Cool idea. I think I saw something like this and the person glued it to a gallon pail flipped it upside down then put a cushion on it for a whimsical stool ...

  6. I love this idea. I recently "inherited" a number of small scraps of usable fabric. Going to give this a try on a trial basis till I come up with a good idea for a use for some lovely twine.