Monday, November 24, 2014

Skirt Styles Over the Decades

SKIRTS - Which is right for You? 

by Mary Beth, RetroMonkeys

A couple of months ago when I was in the middle of my five part series on necklines, some readers expressed an interest in learning more about the different styles of skirts. Sherri from SewBettyandDot did an article on skirts. To read, CLICK HERE.

Well, here is the first insttallment of two.

The A-Line Skirt is a wardrobe essential. A simple modified triangle. Barely modified - the top cut  off and the base slightly curved. It can be made in any length from Micro-Mini to Evening length.

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The Broomstick
The traditional broomstick skirt is tiered and has vertical creases or wrinkles. It has several names - Gypsy, hippie, peasant, bohemian, or tiered. They can be made out of gauze and twisted around a broomstick to create the wrinkles.

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The Bubble

The bubble skirt is a full skirt that is gathered inward and upward at the hemline.
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Everyone loves  a circle skirt! A great style for every body type. It is what it's name more than implies! It is a circle with a waistband. It served as the iconic 1950's poodle skirt and is still a popular and versitle style for today's wardrobe! 

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The dirndl originated in Austria. It was called Dirndlgewand which means maid dress. Dirndl was originally the entire outfit. Skirt, Blouse,bodice (vest), and the apron. Modern use of the term apples to the circular skirt with gathers usually concentrated at the center front. Below are some examples of the variations and wide range that is the Dirndl! 

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  1. So that what the skirt is called !!! : (

  2. Love to learn more about garment styles...I love dirndls!

    1. When I was in my 20's (long, long ago...) I worked in an office and wore dresses and suits everyday. My 3 faves were Dirndl, Circle, and Slim (wiggle).

  3. Very interesting! I didn't know dirndl was also a type of skirt.

  4. Very informative post and the patterns are super helpful - I like to see examples.

  5. Another great reference article - can't wait to see part 2! Nice examples.