Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An Amazing 1930's Pattern Collection

Anna, owner and creator of MrsDepew vintage and reproduction patterns, has been collecting Simplicity S-series patterns. I know that I as well as other members of the Pattern Patter team have been able to help Anna grow her collection of the S-Series. Well, now she has the ultimate resource for dating those patterns! Although it's in shabby condition, the illustrations inside are amazing. 

She now needs only three more to complete the collection. S603, S607, and S608.  To read the full post, go to Anna's Blog; 

S607 and S603, Two of the ones needed 

            S608 - The other one she needs! 

Can you help Anna complete the collection? Whether you can or not, stop by her amazing blog and her shop full of the most beautiful lingerie patterns. 

Vintage Sewing Pattern 1930's French Slip or Dress in Any Size- PLUS Size Included- Depew 169 -INSTANT DOWNLOAD-
An example of one of her PDF patterns. 
CLICK HERE to visit her shop. 


  1. I just read Anna's blog post - what a great story of pattern history reconstructed! If you haven't popped over to read it yet, do it now!

  2. Anna Depew is such a huge asset to the vintage pattern and sewing community! Her collection is so fabulous and it was wonderful to see that she was able to get exact dating. Love her blog and shop!!

  3. Those are wonderful patterns! I hope you find them soon, Anna!

  4. So fascinating! What a great score...that Simplicity book clearly went to the perfect home. I love your blog...and I'm off to see if I have any S-series patterns, particularly the ones you need! Thanks for sharing!