Monday, September 1, 2014

Necklines Part V

This, the final post on necklines, completes the journey through decades of styles. I enjoyed my adventure searching for styles that fit into the different categories. I was amazed how many variations there are to each of the basic drawings. 

Now to show you the final 4 necklines in the series. 

The first up is the Cowl Neckline. The Cowl can be a shallow or deep, almost plunging neckline, depending on the garment. Below are several examples of the cowl in several styles and depths. 

    Butterick 2627                         Butterick 6125                      Butterick 6904                  Maudella 5478
   VintageNeedleFinds                 PurplePlaidPenquin                TwoButtonsForever          BessieandMaive

The Banded Neckline is commonly seen on Cardigan Sweaters. It can also be found on some classic dresses. This neckline was not the easiest one to find examples of. But - here are a few! Thank you to Janeen for having that awesome example in the center! 

               Vogue 6560                                           Simplicity 7927                              Advance 8645
              VirtualVintage                                           PaneenJerez                                      Jantiki

The Bib Neckline has been in use since Medieval times. Below are examples from the 1940's to present times. Popular on Men's Tuxedo Shirts, sorry guys, I couldn't find one, to dresses and women's blouses. 

        Advance 5080                         Simplicity 5964          Simplicity 9454                     Butterick 5284   
     BlueTreeSewingStudio                RetroMonkeys          JerseyGirlPatterns                BethTheBookLady

After all of the necklines through these past months, the final neckline is very a common, simple one. The Yoke has many variations. Square, scoop, deep, or shallow. Here are the last few examples in this series. 

          McCall's 9229                         McCall's 8335                         Vogue 5930               Vogue 2559
     VioletCrownEmporium                   PaneenJerez                       VintageNeedleFinds       VirtualVintage

Well that's it! I hope everyone has enjoyed learning about different necklines. I'll be researching a new series soon! 


  1. I loved this series, and even learned a couple of new terms! Thanks!

  2. Creating this series was an amazing experience. I learned and best of all, I got to share what I learned. I plan to do more of these series. Skirts, Sleeves, etc. I'm open to suggestions!

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  4. wonderful, some I never even registered as choices.

    1. Believe it or not - there are so many more that I didn't do! The choices go on forever!

  5. This is a great series! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  6. Awesome blog post! I'm still trying to figure out the double scoop neckline on a pattern I listed not too long ago...

  7. The variations seem almost endless--and a neckline so changes a look. So interesting!

  8. Another fine and formative post, thank you!

  9. Thanks Mary Beth! I enjoyed the neckline series. I love a cowl neck. :)