Friday, July 5, 2013

July Fashion Trends Vintage Pattern Style

by Amy Russo of Vienna’s Grace

As I watched videos of Paris and New York fashion week for Autumn /Winter 2013-14 season, a dominate design element kept popping up; hip draping. From Christian Dior to Guy Laroche, I noticed designers placing an prominent accent on the hips. Some with elegant tiny hip pleats, like Carolina Herrera (….oh how I love her designs), and quite a few others with very heavy hip sashes, like seen below from Vera Wang and Balmain. So I set out to see if these classic yet unique design elements could be found or even mimicked in our vintage patterns. Although some of the heavy hip draping would not be of interest to many of our buyers, how could they get that fashion trend in a much more wearable way?

My eyes scoured page after page of Pattern Patter team members’ shops and I found so many ways to obtain the look of this hip draping trend. Below are just a few examples of the patterns and styles I joyfully discovered. You can see the illusion of hip width from a side bustle, gathered wide set pockets, and straight forward front seam rouching. I do think this has been a classic design trend for decades, but will it be in the ready to wear departments this fall? Well, if designers have anything to say about it, we will be seeing gathers, swags, hip pleats and side bustles. So when you are listing patterns for the Fall and Winter seamstress, take a closer look; does that 1940s dress drape or that 80s skirt swag? Try finding new and creative tags to describe this unique design element. Always remember to include patternpatter, the pattern era, bust size, and all the expected search phrases, but add one or two key descriptive words unique to the pattern. This will help the DIY fashion huntress add hip draping into her trendy, but not spendy wardrobe.

Here are just a few ideas to add into your listing title and tags: drape, drapey, draping, drapes, overskirt, hip, hips, hipline, girdle, ruching, ruched, swag, swags, Grecian, Greek, sarong, wrap front, gathers, gathering, gathered, pleat, pleated, pleats, pleating, side bustle, hip sash, sashes.


  1. Interesting! I'd like to be the woman on the cover of Vogue 4592, hat and all, just for one day!

  2. Sherri, I agree with you...for just one day!

    There is no way I would want to accentuate my hips as they are now. But I do have some friends that could pull off these beautiful designs!

  3. Great Info Amy! Love those dresses!

  4. Great article, Amy! I agree I do NOT want my hips accentuated...if I had my svelte 21 year old stick - insect figure back, I'd totally go for it!

  5. I want to wear GrayDogVintage's Vogue - if only I had the body for it.

    Great post!