Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Plastron Anyone?

By Anne from AnnesVintagePatterns

I guess you really can teach an old dog a new trick. I have been sewing for over 45 years, and never once did I run across the word “plastron”.  How I avoided it all these years I’ll never know.

Here are some definitions in case you are not familiar with plastrons either.

1. A metal breastplate worn under a coat of mail.
2. A quilted pad worn by fencers to protect the torso and side.
3. A trimming on the front of a bodice.
4. The front of a man's dress shirt.
5. The front panel of the tunic of a uniform, usually of a different color than the rest.
6. Zoology The ventral part of the shell of a turtle or tortoise.

I guess I always called a plastron on a pattern by other words…..bib, smock, apron…you get the picture. Here are some of my PatternPatter team members’ patterns with a plastron. Try saying THAT quickly 3 times in a row!
1960s Sewing Pattern Simplicity 3594: Juniors Belted Dress Pattern, Mid Century Fashion, Size 15 Bust 35, 1960 Uncut, Factory Folded, P-1132
Green Plastron from TheBeetlesNeedles
White Plastron from PatternShop
Simplicity 4616 Juniors' & Misses' One Piece Dress with Plastron (Front Panel) Kimono Sleeves Sz 12 UNCUT Pattern- 2
Oooh a Leopard Plastron from RosesPatternTreasury
1960s Vintage Vogue Paris Original 1722 Pattern by Pierre Cardin Dramatic Evening Dress and Double Breasted Cape Includes LABEL Bust 32
 Classy White Plastron GreyDogVintage

50s Vintage Toddler Girls sewing pattern Party Dress Butterick 6597 Size 2 Breast 21 Inches
Sweet Tulip Plastron from allthepreciousthings

Vintage 1960s Dress Pattern Butterick 8770 Size 12 Bust 32 Collar Variations
Plaid Plastron from Revvie1


  1. Wow, who knew? (I didn't!)...truly, you do learn something new every day! It sounds so Dr. Who-ish, doesn't it? Lovely patterns...

    --Sherri, Sew Betty and Dot

  2. How cool! And I love the patterns.

  3. I had never heard of it until it popped up today in a burda pattern, I had to google it to work out what it was. That's how I found this blog, so thanks for the heads up!