Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Welcome March, 1969!!

March is here, so let's look back at March, 1969!

McCall's 9635, McCall's 9651
Comfortable and stylish dresses are featured on the front cover.. perfect for the office, or maybe even a summery picnic! I love the big pockets in 9651.  So handy.  I also love the wrap look of 9635, and what luck, The Pattern Shopp has 9635 in stock!  

McCall's 9633

Some frilly bohemian looks.. that neck detail and frilly fronts are quickly coming back in style for this spring.  A very similar dress (McCall's 9366) is in stock at Pattern Matters.

McCall's 9623, 9517

A shirt dress alone, or paired with crisp pants.  Pants in stock now at Jeanie's Shop and Maddie Mod Patterns.  Sorry about the crooked picture.. it was printed that way, not scanned that way!

McCall's 9619, 9643, 9645
So many cute dresses on this page... suggested in homespun country fabrics.  

Some similar items from the team:

1.)  Butterick 4193; All's Fairy Vintage
2.)  Butterick 4698; People Packages
3.)  Simplicity 7219; Fox Vintage UK
4.)  Simplicity 8641; We Are Vintage Sewing

McCall's 9617, 9641
Here is a very wonderful shift dress, with or without pretty contrast trim.. looking sweet with white stockings and shoes.   McCall's 9641 is in stock right now at Happy I Found It and We Are Vintage Sewing.  Make it for spring or Easter!

McCall's 9647, 9627
These cute dresses are still plenty stylish... so pretty!  Some similar looks:

1.)  Butterick 5736; Clutterina's Shop
2.)  Butterick 4795; Retroactive Future
3.)  McCall's 2062;  Roma's Maison
4.)  Simplicity 8183; Fancywork

McCall's 9611 and 9612/9613

A sweet wrap sundress on the right is so cute..  Some pretty A-Line looks:

1.)  Simplicity 6871; Crafty Paneen
2.)  Simplicity 6782; Knightcloth
3.)  Simplicity 5894; Pretty Pattern Shop
4.)  McCall's 3790; Vogue Vixens

McCall's 9652
This pretty little puff-sleeved dress is also suggested as a bridesmaid gown or even wedding dress!  In stock now at Fancywork and Laughing Duck Vintage.

McCall's 9609 / 9610
Finally, a really way out fashion jumpsuit!  They're in style again!  You can make it with short pants, too.. in stock at Sew Betty & Dot.

That's all for now!  I hope you enjoyed it and have a happy March!


  1. I used to love the little books they gave out at fabric stores. My favorite part of the shopping adventure!

  2. Lot less fabric needed to construct these 1960s fashions compared to the full skirted rockabilly 50's. And the hemlines became much shorter too. I see designer André Courrèges influence in most of the fashions featured here.

  3. Some great 1960s fashion! These are all still so wearable!

  4. Wonderful article! Thanks so much!

  5. Love the palazzo pants suit at the end....
    Great read on McCalls patterns of the time Nessa !

  6. All these pictures look like they are from my yearbook! So funny to see some of them come back around again!

  7. Love these fashion books! I collect them whenever I find them among the patterns.

  8. To me what marks these the most as being from this era are the colors. Those harvest golds and avocado greens were huge in home decor, appliances, wall paper, etc at the time.

  9. They are all so cute! Love them!