Monday, May 11, 2015

1950's "Budget Busters" - Mail Order Patterns


Summer of 1952 

These great 1950's styles were featured in Workbasket Magazine in the July 1952 issue. I looked high and low and found Anne Adams 4613 but did not find any copies of the other two. I did however find some similar styles! Check out the listings by members of the pattern Patter Team Below! 

Anne Adams 4613 - from  BlueTreeSewing

An amazing dress in size 14 with a 32 inch bust. 
It includes the sundress, and 3 optional collars/capes. It would also be great with a bolero. 

Next - 9196 I didn't find a copy of this exact pattern but did find one that is fairly similar. The neckline is identical the difference is the dress buttons on one side versus both sides.

Anne Adams 4554 available from MBChills

Now that leaves the wrap skirt. I had this pattern at one time. It's a great versatile skirt. I found one that by pattern number seems to be from the same season. 

Check out this one from 

We were looking for 9196 and found 9093. It's a wrap skirt not as unique as the target pattern but, it has two versions. It can wrap to the front or back, the pockets can be patch pockets or inset. Personally I prefer Version A. The clean lines are more my personal style! 

Give you any ideas? Go grab some nice cool cotton and make a breezy dress or skirt for those hot summer days that are right around the corner! 


  1. Oh my, I love the details on these patterns!

  2. I have a couple mail order patterns. They are great some times much easier to put together then the "big name" vintage patterns. Thanks for sharing these.
    Emily's Vintage Visions

  3. Love 4554--the neckline, top stitching and side wrap skirt.

  4. I too love mail order patterns...and I love it when they're still in their mailing envelopes!

  5. I love these patterns but you have to have the narrow waist that women used to

  6. Love the mail order patterns from the 50s. Thanks for the great blog article.

  7. I love all the fun details on mail order patterns!

  8. I love removable collars, you can make your dress over!