Monday, March 9, 2015

Who was Virginia Pope?

Virginia Pope 1885 - 1977

    You may be wondering who Virginia Pope was and what she did that a sewing blog would be interested in. When I first started looking into her, I found that there hasn't been much written about such an icon.

    Virginia Pope was born in Chicago in 1885. I found no information on her early life but the story picks up in 1925 when Ms. Pope joined the New York Times at the age of 40. By 1933, she had been named the Fashion Editor for the Times. She remained Editor until her retirement in 1955.

    Ms. Pope was a well respected figure in the fashion world. She has Carte Blanche access to every New York fashion house and a reserved seat at every fashion show. She was well known for her extensive collection of hats.

1963 Pattern Catalog and Sewing Guide

 After retiring from the New York Times in 1955 at the age of 70, she became the Fashion editor for Parade Magazine. It was at Parade magazine that she expanded her horizons. She began writing the the introduction to the upcoming year's fashion trends for the home sewist in Parade's Dress and Needlework Pattern Book.

She remained active as an influential member of the press and as a fashion "expert" until shortly before her death in 1977.

Here are a few Parade Magazine patterns that are available from members of the Pattern Patter Team!

Parade 1436 by FriskyScissors

Pauline 1471 by PatternandStitch

Pauline P-186 by Vintage Needle Finds

Parade 101 ViennasGrace


  1. Virginia sounds like an amazing woman. Thank you for telling her story!

  2. I'm often amazed at the scope of inventory that can be found in our Patter Patter Team shops.
    The dress...Parade 1436....extremely rare and what a stunning, sexy frock it is.

  3. She must have had a fabulous life. I would have loved to dig around in her closet.

  4. Very interesting article! I enjoy getting to know about these people behind the patterns.

  5. So interesting, I would have loved to see her collection of hats!

  6. Very cool info about a powerful lady in the fashion world. Great to know, thanks for the research! :)

  7. Who knew? Ms. Pope does look very sassy up there in her chapeau and pearls!

  8. I enjoyed this - always interested in the person behind the pattern~

  9. It's great to get to know more about the designer. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I would looooovvvveeeee to win these patterns, as I am a great fan of the vintage patterns! Please select me as your winner. I would be ssssoooooooo happy!!