Monday, December 8, 2014

Sewing for the Holidays

Don't Forget Your Littlest Angel

Sew Her a Holiday Dress, Quick Ideas That She Will Love or Pajamas for all of them!

In the hectic month leading up to Winter Holidays, we tend to forget the most important people in our lives. We rush around buying this and that, writing cards to people that we don't even really know, and planning parties and meals. The people that make the season so magical are right under our noses - and underfoot too. What would make her feel more special than having a holiday dress made especially for her. Nothing too fussy or time consuming. A dress that goes from playing with toys under the tree to dinner at Grandma's house. Alternatively, how about some new pajamas for the boys and girls in your life? Those holiday photos of the kids in their new PJ's will be cherished for years to come. 

McCalls 4170 ViennasGrace

Butterick 4747 ViennasGrace

Simplicity 7890 Patternshop

Simplicity 2040 Pattern

Butterick 8247 AllThePreciousThings

Simplicity 9144 AllThePreciousThings


  1. Love the nightgowns & pjs! I am busy making matching gowns & pjs for my grand kids.

    1. My sister's and I usually had matching gowns for Christmas morning!

  2. Such darling patterns! I always loved it when Mom or Grandma made me flannel pjs or nightgowns.

  3. Adorable, I remember my grandma making me PJs. Cozy.

  4. Pictures of me on Christmas morning in cute handmade pajamas are great memories!

  5. Four year old Christmas--yes- I received cozy footy pajamas for those frigid Pennsylvania winters. But my Godmother made me a fur muff that I joyfully opened on Christmas Eve and took to midnight mass.

    A gift made with love and how I loved that muff in return. It was my most memorable childhood Christmas.

  6. Great finds! I especially love the fur trimmed hooded capelet in Simplicity 9144.