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Catherine with her Husband and Daughter
Catherine Dean is the owner of Historically Inspired Patterns on Etsy. She lives in a 1920's house on the Historic Register in Richmond, VA with her husband and their three year old daughter. 

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Catherine has been selling on Etsy since 2008. I got to know her in 2012 through Etsy. She has had several different shops over the years. She currently has 3 active shops with her pattern shop being her main focus. The other two are a destash shop, and a new fabrics and patterns shop. Catherine was selling vintage items, fabrics and supplies as well as upcycled jewelry. It was during a thrift shop hunt that she discovered sewing patterns and fell in love. She started collecting them until one day she realized they were taking over her office. Before she knew it, she had opened yet another shop. 
Working as a Museum Curator
for Historic Homes in Virginia
Now that you know about how she started selling patterns, you have got to read about who she is and everything she has accomplished in her life! 

Catherine is a Social Historian by trade. She is a wealth of information and is able to help other
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sellers with her knowledge of the correct methods of caring for vintage paper. A true romantic, Catherine has always loved old houses, period costumes, and anything else that painted a picture of "the way life used to be". 

In high school she dabbled in vintage clothing. By the time she was in college she worked in a costume shop, devoured books on social history. My appetite for vintage clothing had grown into a love for historical costumes as well as historic dance. 

Regency Dancing
While still attending college she decided that working in a museum would fit my passions well. She got a degree in Museum Studies and eventually landed a job as curator for the statewide preservation organization in Virginia. Catherine spent most of a decade working in Historic Houses in Virginia until she "retired:" to stay at home with her daughter. 

Today she still does some consulting work as well as running a wholesale jewelry business marketing to museum shops and of course, selling her patterns!  I'm also an active Babywearing Educator. She works to help families learn how to safely use a variety of baby carriers.  

DuBarry 2401B
She began selling on ETSY  as a way to pay for her first house in 2007. Once she decided to leave her day job, Catherine was able to spend more time working on my pattern shop.  As a result, Historically Inspired Patterns maintains an inventory of almost 2,000
Vogue 1549 
Diane Von Furstenberg
Wrap Dress
items. (plus lots more in various stages of preparation) and nearly 7,500 sales.  Her shop carries  a little bit of everything because she get bored quickly and likes the variety of switching from antique to vintage to out of print to contemporary. She is now branching out into doll patterns, kits, and                                                                  fabrics. 

Who wouldn't want to stay home? 
ETSY has made it possible for Catherine to supplement her family's income while being able to stay at home with her daughter while she is young. 

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  1. Congratulations, Catherine! What a wonderful post, it is lovely to get to know you.

  2. Catherine, great to meet you. I enjoy getting to know my fellow shop owners!

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  4. So wonderful learning more about you Catherine! :)

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    I love learning a little about the people on the pattern patter team!

  7. (Hope this doesn't appear multiple times--Blogger won't let me comment!).

    So nice to learn more about team members! Your baby is adorable, and I envy you doing Regency dancing--my husband won't go for it even though I told him he's my very own Mr. Darcy (no resemblance to Colin Firth, though).

    Your shop is so lovely--I can only aspire to your success!

  8. Nice to see you, Catherine. What a lovely family!

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