Friday, June 13, 2014

Necklines - Part II

by Mary Beth, RetroMonkeys

Last month's neckline post covered five fairly basic necklines. Refer back to Part I HERE This month I cover five more neckline choices.

First is the Boatneck. or Bateau neckline. This is a great choice for active wear as well as for dresses. This style has a slight crescent shape and elongated cut to the shoulders creating a very slight drape. It was made popular by such icons as Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. 

Left to Right:

Butterick 6799        Modes Royale 1769        McCall's 5937               Butterick 6623   Simplicity 9485
by RetroMonkeys         by DeniseCraft                          by RebeccasVintageSalon     by Sydcam          by FindCraftyPatterns

The next neckline is the Florentine. The Florentine is basically a Square neckline.It extends from the shoulder straight across the front and/or the back . It can be square or be rounded just slightly. 
The Florentine style originated during the Italian Renaissance which began in the 14th century and extended into the 16th century. Many examples of this neckline can be seen in gowns of this era. 

                               Advance 5786                Butterick 9015               Mail Order 9088
                              by RomasMaison             by BessieandMaive       by FinickyPatternShop

The Horseshoe neckline is a modified U neckline. The Horseshoe widens at the base and sits closer to the neck. The flare at the base can be very slight. Popular in the 1940's on jumpers and weskits. 

               McCall 8262                                    Vogue 6555                                  Advance 5807
              by PatternShop                                 by CraftyPaneen                      

Next is Sabrina. It's basically a Boatneck or Bateau but named after Audrey Hepburn's movie character Sabrina (1954)  She wore a black dress with a bateau neckline with shoulder ties. She, as usual, looked stunning. 

           Simplicity 1191                                   McCall's 6632                                McCall's 4109
     by VintageSewingSuite                         by  PattysPastTimes                             by Sandritocat

The last one, for this post, is the Keyhole neckline. A split neckline with the top drawn back in to form an opening. The opening is traditionally teardrop shape but anything goes. The Keyhole has endured over the years but was most popular in the 1940's. 

              McCall's 3695                    Advance 4466                Simplicity 6431            Simplicity 1738
            by RetroMonkeys                 by FancyWork              by ViennasGrace          by PengyPatterns   

By Mary Beth


  1. Great information Mary Beth! Love the Sabrina neckline. It's the horseshoe neckline that I forget once in awhile and it makes such sense, it's shaped like a horseshoe. :)

  2. Great info! I'd forgotten the Florentine was a square neckline.

    And so many lovely patterns, too!

  3. Excellent reference material, with great examples! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  4. How pretty is the keyhole? My bra straps always seem to be showing, so I think I need to pay a lot more attention to neckline shapes!