Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fabulous Finds


This interesting yet classy design stopped me in my tracks. Apparently this copy has already been used once for a wedding dress. Where would you wear it to?
Plus, how can you not love their hair? :) 


  1. I love these patterns! I'd like to wear it around town, even if people thought I was crazy. ;-)

    And I remember trying to wear my hair like that. It just never looked that way, though. LOL!

  2. I love this pattern, so classy and sophisticated! I think I'd be like Deb and just wear it whenever I felt like it. Hey Deb, if you are free we can get our hair done and 'do lunch'!

  3. Can I join! Such a wonderful dress with a ton of class!

  4. My mom wore a little hairpiece under her real hair to achieve a similar hairdo--it sat on a styrofoam head on her dresser. Interesting pattern indeed!

  5. Beautiful dress! It would be most unflattering on me, but I could rock this Ricci:

    We wouldn't want to all show up in the same dress, anyway, right?

    Love this "Fabulous Finds" Feature, BTW.