Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How To Keep Clean Vintage Style

Go forth and SEW!
It may not be glamorous, but an Apron is essential for keeping me clean while cooking (or sewing)! This one is a McCall's Sample Butcher Apron with no number and it wraps all the way around me for full coverage! You can read more about my creation process here, or you can keep reading for more vintage lovelies!
This is the pattern I used and you can buy your very own copy here or here

I love these cobbler aprons with their huge pockets! Who doesn't love big pockets when it comes to cooking or cleaning?

This one has a beautiful wrap back! I love aprons that feel like dresses!
Finally to end our McCall's Apron Roundup my personal favorite! His and hers! 
Rock those appliqu├ęs, Rock it!


  1. These are great apron patterns! I adore that wrap around apron.

  2. Your kitty cat fabric looks adorable! Aprons are also fun sewing projects if you have kids home during the summer and are looking for an idea for a lazy day. I like the cobbler aprons for yard work. I try to make my pockets a little extra sturdy as I'm always filling up my pockets with all kinds of stuff.

    Thanks for your wonderful post!

  3. I can see wearing a wrap around apron as a dress. Great Post!

  4. Back in the day, before Xerox and black line copies, teachers used ditto machines and we always wore an apron to prevent blue ink damage to our clothes. I had one like the McCall's butcher apron at the top which my mom made for me.

  5. Love it! I wear a cobbler apron when I cook and I collect hostess aprons. There are so many varieties of the appliques on those his and hers aprons...a fun future post!

  6. Thanks everyone! I had a lot of fun making it and now wearing it! Thanks for sharing your stories too! Always interesting to hear!