Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Focus On: Formal Outerwear

By Sherri of Sew Betty and Dot

In keeping with the Pattern Patter team's festive treasury focus this month--Holiday Cocktail Party-let's take a look at all the ways you can cover up--and MAYBE stay warm--on the way to your party. I say "maybe" stay warm because some of these are really more decorative than practical. Doesn't that define fashion, in a certain sense?

The focus here is on capes, capelets, shawls, stoles, boleros, and long or opera coats. I'll look at more practical outerwear in a future post.

A (very) brief history of capes: everyone, men and women, used to wear cloaks, long (to the feet) and shapeless garments with slits for one's arms--in early days, these cloaks often doubled as people's blankets. Cloaks began to be more structured garments, and they developed collars and a piece that draped over the shoulders: the cape.

As women's fashions became more exuberant--especially the sleeves and the skirt shape--the cloak began to be shorter. Think of the bustle: cloaks would have hidden that feature (and made women look even more odd, with a bustle causing the cloak to protrude in the back).

Left: Man's cloak, French, 1580-1600, V&A Museum, from commons.wikimedia.com
Center: Spanish cloaks from 1848 English tailoring guide, from BlackTieGuide.com
Right: Woman's cape, English, 1830. Courtesy LACMA, from commons.wikimedia.org

What patterns are available for YOU to use to make your own formalwear cover-up? Check it out!

As always, please click on the images to enlarge them to see more detail.

Captivating capes and capelets:

Top row: Simplicity 3986: PinkPolkaDotButton

Stunning stoles and shawls:

Beautiful boleros:

And finally, some fascinating formal coats (and let's not forget the dolls!):

How do YOU stay warm when you're dressed in your party frock? Tell us in the comments! 

I have to admit that I did once go to the L.A. Opera in a Max Studio long dress, Doc Martens, and a black motorcycle jacket. Ahem. It WAS the early 1980s!

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  1. Classy and beautiful, I might say that with the fabric choices out there that I would take a envious double take on any one of these beauties! About your choice for an opera, I bet you looked awesome!
    Debora from VintageNeedleFinds

  2. Wow! Lovely patterns. Great blog post, thanks for all the hard work, I've shared ;)

  3. Wonderful patterns! I love cloaks, capes, and capelets!

    Great post!

  4. Ooh there's several in there that I would love to wear! Where I would wear them... now that's another story...

  5. Great post! I'd love to have a gorgeous cloak!

  6. Love this post! Oh, I love the Lanvin from PattysPastTimes! I think I need to find a gala to wear something like that.