Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Trends Alert Vintage Pattern Style

By Amy Russo of ViennasGrace
Beach Pyjamas…lounging pajamas anyone?
Yes please! I’m not talking about the 20 something girls wandering the grocery store aisles in drawstring PJ’s at 2:00 in the afternoon. Or the default soccer mom attire of the black velour hoodie and sweatpants with writing across the derrière. I am talking about the introduction in the 1930’s of women’s high fashion resort wear. The sporty beach girl in palazzo pants and halters for day and the glamorous hostess wearing a satin jumpsuit for evening parties. First seen in these beach gals, although their tops could have used a bit more support, they are wearing the forerunner of today’s jumpsuits.
1930s Beach Gals
Here is some of the most glamorous women to ever reach the silver screen in lounging pajamas, the early jumpsuits in fashion………I have no doubt that these Hollywood starlets must have glided into the room wearing their fashion forward ensembles.

We would see glimpses here and there of the jumpsuit in the 1940s, but more for the women’s workforce in an overall style. The 1960s-70s brought a revival of the halter palazzo pants and many other views of the jumpsuit.

Although I am sure Elvis would declare himself king of the jumpsuit and all of Charlie’s Angels the Queen’s court, I am pretty sure that we did not see the true return of the jumpsuit royalty until the 2012 SAG awards.
Standing on the red carpet like a glimmering beauty, Rose Byrne set a new standard in an Elie Saab White crystal jumpsuit, and single handedly brought the return of the glamorous jumpsuit.
It has been a fashion statement that continues to evolve throughout the decades. Even Mylie Cyrus looks classic in her red bloused tapered leg jumpsuit. Many of today’s fashion loving celebrities are smart enough to know that jumpsuits make the right kind of fashion statement, at casual and formal occasions.

As with all celebrity and designer trends the ready to wear market will be showing us a much toned down version of the high fashion jumpsuit. For those DIY fashionistas, there are options galore in vintage sewing patterns. I say “bring it on”, don’t wait for ready to wear to catch up to the demands of true fashion. Time to toss aside a cookie cutter look this holiday season. If you want comfort and fashion, a 1960s pantdress pattern, can offer both. It would be perfect for holiday parties in a glimmery knit fabric. Leave behind the same, safe, little black dress, go for the 1970’s palazzo jumpsuit on New Year’s Eve. If you ever have the worries of being over or under dressed, wear a jumpsuit with a metallic heel, bring along a pair of ballet flats, for quick fashion adjustments. Oh, for those that are just not ready to 100% commit to the “one piece-ness” of a jumpsuit, then separates are your answer. A matching wide legged pant with a tucked in top can give the perfect illusion of the jumpsuit’s flattering lines. For those that shy away from showing too much or their waistline, add a cummerbund for extra definition, a peplum blouse, or even a coordinating flowy unline jacket. From the vintage to the retro, sewing patterns offer multitudes of cuts and styles for every body shape and each individual personality. And If you happen to have a 1930’s beach pyjama or lounging pajama pattern…what are you waiting for? Go get sewing you lucky glamour girl!
Links to patterns can be found HERE.
Links to patterns can be found HERE.
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  1. I adore these wide-legged styles! I wouldn't give up that pattern either. :-)

  2. Loved this post!! I made a pair of beach pajamas, 1920s/30s style and just love the look. You can't beat a light breezy fabric with those wide legs. You can see them here, if you like. :) http://gjeometry.com/2013/06/04/great-gatsby-make-the-cats-pajamas-one-giant-leap-for-womankind/

  3. OMG that 1932 Simplicity pattern is gorgeous! Wish I was tall enough for jumpsuits. Great blog post.

  4. Really great post. I love the 1930's glam lounging Pajamas. It makes me completely take back all of those things I say when I see people over 10 in grocery stores shopping or flying on a plane in there pajamas.

  5. Those red carpet starlets look fab in all those jumpsuits.

  6. Glad you listed some keywords so I can include them in my tags. Great Article!

  7. Love the 1932 jumpsuit. The 1970 jumpsuit I wore just did not have the class of this one!