Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lucky Lucille Works With Unprinted Tissues - A Tutorial

Rochelle blogs over at Lucky Lucille. It's a pretty little blog on the outside but look closer.... some serious sewing is going on. Her love of 40's fashions and sewing expertise combine to create some very easy to understand tutorials.

Lucky Lucille - The Basics

I find her latest, Tips for Using Non-Printed Vintage Patterns, to be particularly useful. Never fear the unprinted tissues again. Visit this tutorial and take a gander around Lucky Lucille. It's a blog well worth following.

Interested in a Fall Sewing Challenge

Fall For Cotton

Lucky Lucille and By Gum By Golly have teamed up to host this Fall for Cotton Sewing Challenge. Pop in here for all the details. Hurry Deadline is September 30th.


  1. This is the perfect blog post! I have a beautiful 1930s, non-printed tissues pattern I've been waiting to get the courage to try to sew. Thank you for the helpful information and LOVE the Lucky Lucille blog!

  2. I've already referred a customer to this post! Awesome! She did a great job explaining.

  3. A very helpful tutorial, and a cool blog! Thanks for the link!