Monday, March 18, 2013

Limerick Contest Winner!

Hope everyone had a lovely St. Patrick's Day! It's time to announce the voter favorites and the winner!

First in the votes by a long shot was Tina from Cherry Corners:
There once was a girl name of Cherry
Whose spare room was getting quite scary!
There were patterns galore
And she'd just ordered more
A huge lot of Vogue and DuBarry!. 

These two ladies tied for the next slot:
Janet from Vintage Patterns Co1
There once was a sewer so fearless
She only sewed Demorest and Peerless.
With Pictorial Review
She wouldn't make do.
And DuBarry left her quite cheerless.

Vintage patterns fill boxes and drawers,
Enough to stock ten Etsy stores
Are there maybe too many?
No! Some cost but a penny
We live for those great thrift store scores.

Finally, our Top Five Favorites turned into the Top 8 because you tied all these limericks too!

Mary Beth of RetroMonkeys 
The patterns are packaged for shipping
There are so many they’re slipping
The Postmaster Sighs
As the pile is high
The Post Office counter is tipping!

Tony and Joyce of Filecutter
An Irish Lass A Seamstress Fair
Made Shamrocks for her hair 
She Stitched and Weaved
That Thread so Tight
Everyone Knew the Lass on Sight

Ginny from Leah's HeartI really do like to be sewing
and my pattern supply is still growing.
I jump out of bed
for my needle and thread
My creative juices have started flowing!

So with paper and fabric and pins
my work with the pattern begins
I measure and write

all through the night
I must get this done for the twins!

My project is now complete
I tried hard to make it look neat.
I cut the loose thread - 
and it's now on my bed -
and the dresses are simply sew sweet!

Sew Betty and Dot
My husband can’t hear the TV
He blames this dilemma on me
Pattern pieces, they rustle
As I refold and tussle
“More factory folds!” is his plea.

A big Thank YOU to all who participated in the writing and voting! Thanks to your effort we had a fun time and created a few laughs! It was hard picking my favorite from all of these but the winner of the the first Pattern Patter Limerick Contest is Tina of Cherry Corners who so accurately rhymed the sickness all us pattern sellers/collectors face! If only we could find such an amazing pattern lot!
Congratulations, Tina! You have won an amazing surprise package full of goodies dear to our pattern loving hearts. You will be contacted soon with more details.

Until next time, Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. So fun! Thanks Emily and all the others for this very clever contest. I really enjoyed reading all of the limericks.

  2. Congrats! It was really fun!

    Sherri from Sew Betty and Dot

  3. Wow, thanks! This was such a fun contest Emily. I think we all had lots of giggles reading the limericks! And I can't wait to see what's in the surprise package.

    Tina :)